clutch fork

  1. 73FJ40

    3 speed vs 4 speed clutch fork pivot ball identification

    Could someone identify which of the two pivot balls in the following picture is for a 3 speed clutch arrangement? I presume that the two pivot balls shown are OEM for 3 and 4 speeds. So, the long left one or right short one is for the 3 speed?
  2. NYIronPig

    Wanted  Clutch Fork 4-speed FJ40

    Looking for a Clutch Fork for a 4-speed setup. Also looking for the 4-speed Flywheel too.
  3. Indygbd

    For Sale  2f clutch fork

    2 clutch forks. 2f type. $70.00 for both.
  4. T

    Wanted  77 4 Speed Clutch Fork Hub

    Does anyone have an extra clutch fork hub for a 4 speed they would be willing to sell? It's out of a 77 FJ40. Some moron trashed mine with the throw out bearing, and the moron was me. :(
  5. meatloaf

    Clutch Fork Pivot Bolt Went in At Angle - 5.3L/NV4500

    My truck has been inoperational for over three years after having multiple issues after the 5.3L/H55 conversion. Among many things, the transmission front shaft retainer kept breaking and finally the clutch broke into pieces. 2 years ago I sold the H55 and bought a newer (2001 or so) NV4500 so...
  6. jesus888

    NV4500 / Chevy 350 / Clutch issues - Can't shift into/out of gear

    Hey fellas, I'll first give the rundown on the specs and then I'll explain the problem... Specs: 1972 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 Chevy 350 (Crate motor from ~1999) NV4500 (Early version with granny low) Unknown Clutch (probably installed 58K miles ago when drivetrain was updated) Clutch Master /...
  7. SimplyTanner

    No clutch! 2nd gen runner

    1993 runner, 3.0L with a manual (R150f). Well, the last week or so I have had to put the clutch pedal ALL the way to the floor to disengage. Then yesterday, while driving, my pedal stopped returning and I could barely disengage the clutch. I Milked it home and discovered I was slightly low on...
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