1. 100landcruiser

    engine light;(

    My 2003 lc runs amazing at 164000. But my engine light came on and i thought the exhaust just got a bad whiff, i thought i was right when i started it and the light was not on anymore. It came back on and off for about 2 weeks. i regret waiting so long but going to school full time and working...
  2. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  FJ80 Exhaust system for 1FZE 1993-1994 (NOT OTHER YEARS)

    SoCal. Prices from $25 per item to $100. Shipping is available, but can be costly. However total cost will still be much less than new. From a Local car with no rust issues - Exhaust Manifolds Heat Shields Headpipes Y pipe Dual Cats Cat Heat shield 02 sensors Resonator etc. Send message...
  3. L

    how many Cats does 2005 LC 100 have?

    Does anyone know the truck has two or four Cats? I'm planning to get Maglaflow to replace a possible defective one, but its CA. approved version requires cutting and welding. Any other suggestions?
  4. RS6tofj80

    Anyone need OEM headers/ cats and exhaust ?? free for taking

    Hate to waste these if someone has a project or need for a repair etc...... they've got 61k saltfree mall crawling miles - and I cna bring them back with me to TX or maybe deliver along the way - or they can be picked up at Kooks in NC....... Cheers E
  5. A

    Cheap, universal catalytic converters

    Has anyone replaced their OEM cats with the cheaper, universal cats on an 80 series Land Cruiser? I have a leaky cat and I'd rather not spend a truck load of money on expensive OEM parts. If I can get away with spending $50 a cat, great. If not, I'll bite the bullet. Does anyone know if it...
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