1. fj62steve

    Wanted  San Diego- LOOKING for a GREY FRONT only FJ60 carpet

    looking for front fj60 grey carpet good condition, thanks. Only need the front otherwise i’d buy the full refurbished kit
  2. fj62steve

    Wanted  FJ60 GREY CARPET

    LOOKING FOR GREY CARPET FJ60 to match my grey fj62 carpet with 5 speed conversion.
  3. fj62steve


    looking for a great condition front grey carpet to fit in my fj62 with h55f conversion. looking for just front grey carpet. located in san diego CA thank you!!!
  4. fj62steve

    Wanted  Grey Fj60 Carpet

    I have an fj62 with grey interior with the H55f transmission. Looking for a good condition grey carpet
  5. L

    Trunk Carpet delete/replacement options

    So my 02 LX470 succumbed to the leaky brake light and I have a new smoked black unit on the way. In the mean time, I have the back 50% of the truck's interior disassembled and have been removing the literal yards and yards of old wiring from the TV the first owner (owner of a Toyota dealer in...
  6. Bluetribal

    For Sale  FJ80 grey cargo area carpet - San Diego, CA

    I have for sale the main section of the rear cargo area carpet in grey. It is not perfect, it has a few stains but the backing is still firmly attached. The front plastic strip in intact as well. Asking $150 and that should cover shipping to any place in the lower 48. I can accept Venmo or...
  7. acc1

    For Sale  Sold 60 Series tailgate carpet complete

    Good condition grey complete carpet for tailgate. Male/female clips included for tailgate holes. $65 + shipping
  8. Cobbs

    Wanted  60 Series Tail Gate Carpet Kit or Parts

    Looking for either the full carpet kit for an FJ62 in Grey. I actually only need a few clips and the cardboard backing but will buy kit if necessary!
  9. Shifter Console Uncovered

    Shifter Console Uncovered

    21 years of yuck needing to be cleaned away
  10. Shifter Uncovered

    Shifter Uncovered

    21 years of yuck needing to be cleaned away
  11. Rear Heater

    Rear Heater

    rear heater
  12. Interior Overhaul

    Interior Overhaul

    interior overhaul
  13. Interior Overhaul

    Interior Overhaul

    interior overhaul
  14. Interior Overhaul

    Interior Overhaul

    interior overhaul
  15. Fuel Pump Access Panel

    Fuel Pump Access Panel

    interior overhaul
  16. Interior Overhaul

    Interior Overhaul

    interior overhaul
  17. melmwood

    My Build Thread...Well, Try to Build Thread...97 FZJ80

    Let's see...always wanted a Land Cruiser. Mechanically it is sound. But she's needed some good old fashion money thrown at her to get her to Good overall, excluding the disaster of an interior. Here's a list of most work done to date (with any part numbers or links to products used that...
  18. Spencerfj6289

    Fj62 affordable carpet option

    Hey everyone I've seen various posts of people looking for cheap carpet options for their rig and I thought I'd share what seems to be working well for me. It's nowhere near the quality of factory carpet, but it gets the job done and it's so much cheaper than a carpet kit that I couldn't resist...
  19. D

    Headliner & Interior removal / swap

    Hi all, this website is a fantastic resource. New owner and hoping you can point me in the right direction regarding a couple questions I have before tearing into the recently LX470 this weekend. 1. Will seats from a 1999 also swap into a 2000 and visa versa? (both are heated) 2. Is there a...
  20. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  FJ80 Manual Seat Interior, Rows 1 and 2, carpet, visors, door cards

    LOCAL PICKUP ONLY IN SoCAL. Seats and Door Panels sold as a complete set ONLY. Front and 2nd row cloth seats and 4 door panels $550. Speaker covers included. Add Carpet including cargo area $120 Add Visors $125 Plastic surround panels available also. Sale does not include door switches or...
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