1. aviafx

    FREE  WA - 60 Series Rear Cargo/Tailgate Cards

    Free! Decent-ish candidates for a rebuild, use the backing to make your own new templates, etc. Local pickup on Bainbridge Island, WA, don’t have a box for these currently. Hoping someone can use these.
  2. Bluetribal

    For Sale  FJ80 grey cargo area carpet - San Diego, CA

    I have for sale the main section of the rear cargo area carpet in grey. It is not perfect, it has a few stains but the backing is still firmly attached. The front plastic strip in intact as well. Asking $150 and that should cover shipping to any place in the lower 48. I can accept Venmo or...
  3. CruiserNewby

    Drawer design WITH third row seats?

    I am wondering if anyone has seen or could point me to a drawer design that allows for the 3rd row seats to remain installed but folded. I am wanting to make a modular design that can be removed in 20-30 minutes to allow the third row to be used when needed. Has anyone seen such a thing? 200...
  4. Recon Aircrew

    Another Cargo Area Lighting Solution

    There are many excellent cargo area lighting solutions on the forum but being a bit of a flashaholic I wanted to go another route. Also, I’m still averse to drilling holes into any large, difficult to replace panels. So, here is what I came up with: I had a small (1.875”) polymer Picatinny rail...
  5. C

    FJ62 Cargo Drawers

    Hey all, thought I'd put a build thread up for a drawer system I've just started for my FJ62 (as I get so much info from this forum!). Got the inspiration to build my own, rather than buying some of the 4wdsupacentre ones here in Aus, after seeing dozer18's build thread: FJ62 DIY Cargo Box...
  6. 9

    FREE  LX470 Cargo Area Carpet

    NO LONGER AVAILABLE Just Paypal me the shipping cost from AZ 85018, 9 pounds, UPS, Fed Ex or USPS, your choice. From a 1998 LX470, oak or light oak interior? Decent condition.
  7. Jason hansen

    Cargo barrier

    Built a home made cargo barrier the other day. I had some leftover expanded metal and picked up 10' of 1" angle for the steel yard. Should have taken some pics when I was building it but I was in giter done mode.
  8. Qball

    For Sale  Interior cargo rack for 80 series, passenger side.

    Interior cargo rack for 80 series, passenger side. It's pretty handy for keeping things off of the floor. $180 local pick up at Thousand Oaks/north LA area in SoCal. Can ship if I can find a box big enough you pay for shipping.
  9. ElPolloBlanco

    For Sale  1997 80 Cargo Mat $20

    Brown cargo mat. Needs cleaned but it's in good shape. Will ship it but you have to do the leg work to figure out cost. Ships from 93230. Will also meet in California Central Valley from Delano to Chowchilla. I will be in Bay Area for 1 day only on May 11th.
  10. shmukster

    For Sale  FJ60 inside mirror dome and cargo lights in PA

    Selling a nice inside rear view mirror, includes the cover and the rubber stabilizer piece that goes between the mirror and the inside of the windshield. Price $20. Have a cargo light and the dome light $20 each. Buyer pays shipping. best to email me
  11. shmukster

    For Sale  Gray FJ60 door cards and cargo panels in PA

    Selling a pair of nice front door panels came from an 86 FJ60. Great shape, price $38 each buy both for $70. Also have a pair of nice uncut unmolested gray kick panels $35 for the pair. Also have a set of unmolested cargo panels $85 for the set of four pieces. Buyer pays shipping. best to email...
  12. Dharma Dude

    Black Forest Gear Cargo Slides

    I have no affiliation with Black Forest Gear but I saw this on YouTube Almost the same size as the ARB cargo slide but cost about half the price. Does anybody have any experience with this product?
  13. R

    Width between the wheel humps?

    Re: Cargo area storage - Does anybody know the width between the wheel humps in the cargo area of a 60? I'd like to start working on cargo area storage cabinet but am not near my rig and my rig is full of crap. Thanks! Rob
  14. Fireguy615

    100 owners, show me your rooftop cargo box

    I am in the process of starting to prep for the summer road trip season and I am in the market for a Yakima/Thule rooftop box. I would like to see what makes/models the 100 owners are using, if at all. I know the overlander way is to lash gear to the top of their rigs reminiscent of The...
  15. woytovich

    For Sale  OEM 60 series rear cargo floor hooks (SOLD)

    SOLD SOLD SOLD These are stock/OEM floor hooks out of the back of an FJ62, dirty but all there. Plastic bushings are in good shape/not broken. Set of 4. $22 shipped CONUS Or maybe I'll powder coat them and ask $75... ;)
  16. Dozer18

    FJ62 DIY Cargo Box

    So, I've been wanting to customize my cargo area for a while now, and finally designed a system built around an ARB 50qt fridge and a Camp Chef Everest stove. The box will have the fridge mounted on a slide on the far left of the cargo area (and I mean FAR left - the slide is JUST going to...
  17. yjeff

    For Sale  [AZ] 80 Interior Cargo / Storage / Security Rack Divider

    Custom (one-off) rear cargo interior divider designed by me and built super well by WagonRacks. Designed to separate the back of an 80 series to have one side gear, and middle divider to house the fridge on the other side. Roller drawer goes under the rack on the left hand side to handle smaller...
  18. Tank5

    For Sale  80 Series Cargo Space Toyota Mat

    I am selling a brown carpet mat that fits the cargo space for an 80 series LC. It has some fading, a couple holes, but still very usable if want to protect base carpet. Located in NM, asking 15.00 buyer pays shipping.

    Cargo Bikes

    Any of you ride one ? Im looking at getting one, so that I can continue on longer rides with my lil one ...... Im also thinking of using it for touring.... Crazy ?
  20. B

    Roof Tent on a Cargo Rack Basket

    I'm looking at purchasing an FJ62 that already has a rack on it, but I can't seem to find the particularly rack online/get a good look at it from the pictures. I'd like to mount my Tepui on it, but unlike my current vehicle this rack doesn't appear to be flat, with cross bars. Instead, it's...
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