cable lockers

  1. txzuk1988

    Wanted  9.5 3rd Locker

    Look for some lockers for 9.5" 3rd members. Let me know what you have. Thanks Rich
  2. AlbertoSD

    SOLD  Cable Locker Position Indicator Switches

    I have two new cable locker position indicator switches PN 84222-60071. To my knowledge, these are long discontinued. Asking $180 shipped in the continental U.S. for both.
  3. Tufve

    Cable lockers? HJ61

    Hi, Could someone give me a pointer if there is a possibility to install mechanical (cable) lockers in the HJ61 series? ARB air lockers would have tank and compressor that I'm not really happy to have on board (visually). Some HJ61 have cable lockers but where can I find these?
  4. C

    Anyone fitted cable lockers to a 40?

    Hey guys just wondering if anyone has fitted cable lockers in their 40 and if yes would love to see a pic of where you mounted the levers etc. I managed to score a set that were on a 61 that I bought for the 12ht!
  5. peterb

    For Sale  1989 BJ-74, Cable Lockers, Lexington, KY, USA

    Photo - April 2014 on the Kokopelli Trail during Cruise Moab. The roo bar has been replaced by a fitted ARB bumper. La Sal Mountains in the background. For sale is my 1989 (12/1988) BJ-74. I took delivery in March of 2013 and have wheeled it in KY, TN, AL, AR, MO, CO and UT. Nothing crazy...
  6. TLC Norway

    Builds  HJ61 Cruiser build

    As some of you might know, my previous HJ60 went up in smoke. With a lot of support, good help and donations, I lucked out and managed to get another 60 series in less than a month. Thanks to everyone! So... i admit... I do have an addiction! A few months earlier i sold the other LJ73 Diesel...
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