1. FJ80namedMaui

    Interior map light

    Hey does anyone know the size of the interior front map light. My bulb has no markings and I can’t find it anywhere.
  2. S

    For Sale Seattle: HIR 9011 bulbs 4 never used!!!

    Bought these for my truck and test fitted one bulb by trimming the tab per 'Mud instructions. Fit perfect! But then the depos came back on the market so I got those instead. 3 of the four are still in original packaging. Now I don't need these anymore. My loss is your gain. $40 local pick up...
  3. S

    SOLD AHC Components /Accumulators LX470

    SOLD AHC Components. These came off my 2000 LX470 2 front, 2 rear accumulator globes, motor All work excellent, nothing wrong with them, I removed them for OME Lift Kit. $450.00 for all, Plus shipping.
  4. K

    help finding LJ70 LED light bulb replacement options on Amazon.com

    Hi, I'm trying to find LJ70 LED light bulb replacement options on Amazon.com (in the US). When I look up the parts numbers it looks like the bulb OEM # would be something like 90981-13015, but that's not leading me anywhere helpful. Thanks for any assistance you can give!
  5. X

    led lights bulbs

    I think that I noticed someone with break lights that were leds. No?
  6. B

    dash bulbs behind climate controls

    anyone ever change these when they burn out? trying to find out what im in for and maybe a part number. fj60 very stock.
  7. masonbarnard

    license plate lights not working even with power and new bulbs

    can't wrap my head around this. i have two license plate bezels with new bulbs. none of the bulbs light up even with power supplied to them. They use too work. removed bezel and looked. sockets look good. fuse is good. no corrosion. one wire system that shouldn't be confusing. i have a long...
  8. gofast

    For Sale Dash bulbs for 80 series climate control

    SOLD SOLD I have two sets of brand new bulbs. Unit takes three bulbs. 84999-70015 $30 each set shipped CONUS
  9. KLF

    LED headlight conversion bulbs

    Don't see that this topic has come up lately, and knowing how fast this technology is changing, I figured it was worth bringing it up again. I run 55/100W H4 bulbs in Hella e-code headlight housings, with a heavy-gauge home-brew harness. The light output is good, MUCH better than the crummy...
  10. R

    how many bulbs in dash and cluster gauge

    so i want to replace all the lights in my dashboard and my cluster with led's but i dont know how many to get. does anybody have any idea?
  11. cclemow

    Dash light replacement in an 80? OEM vs new LED

    Like many, my 97 Collectors Edition has a few dash lights out. I actually had it apart not long ago and addressed most with OEM bulbs from my local dealer(at about 7$ a bulb) and did 5 or so including the D drive light. Gotta take it apart again to fix heat/air back lighting and my O/D off...
  12. Markuson

    Finally! Pleasing, Warm LEDs for Interior

    So why LED? What's the big deal? For one: Power consumption. The stock bulbs are 8 watts each. That's 80 watts! -All 10 LEDs together? only 10 watts total at 1 watt each x10. That very reassuring when it comes to long nights of battery use when camping, etc. Second: Brighter, more useful...
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