1. Red Panda Roll

    Fender liners?

    Hey guys. I live three miles from pavement now and the county does a very good job of keeping our gravel road gravelly. I'm wondering what options you might recommend for protecting my new front fenders (black to not match the red which is chipping off in places to show the original baby poop...
  2. tancruiserjr

    For Sale  Steamboat Springs, CO - 76ish FJ40 Front Doors

    Anyone need some tan doors? Grabbed these for a project that didn't work out. PO claimed they are off an 84ish but i'm a little skeptical. Includes what is pictured and no más. Surface rust on driver side, door card is in decent shape but vinyl is a little beat up. Passenger side door card and...
  3. G

    Wanted  100 series fender

    Looking for a passenger side fender. Been searching for months thought I bought one but it turned out to be one for a Tacoma. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. G

    Searching for passenger side 100 series fender.

    Been searching for a 100 series fender for months ordered one ended up being for a Tacoma. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. Laughingjackal

    SOLD  FJ60 Body w/ Drivers fender & 4 doors - $1,500 obo

    I was going to do a swap with the body below however the receiving vehicle has engine issues than I am not going to deal with. That being said the body below is for sale. It came out of NM and is currently in Colorado Springs.The link below has more pictures...
  6. O

    1982 FJ40 Rear Body Mount & Frame Patch

    Good afternoon everyone, I have used the search feature but I am unable to find any info this, so i’m reaching out for help offered. I am currently looking at purchasing a stock 1982 FJ40 for $3500. When I looked the car over I was surprised at how rust free the frame was, however there was a...
  7. G

    100 series fender removal.

    Hey everyone. I’m trying to remove the fender on my 99 lc and I’m stuck as to how to remove this piece on the running boards. It’s hiding the last two bolts to get this fender off. Thanks!
  8. FJperson

    Pulled a Ricky-Bobby, Prices to fix body damage?

    Well last night I slid off the road into a ditch. Managed to mess up the front of my dent free cruiser:frown: I was wondering if anyone else had got damage like this fixed and about how much did it run you. Thanks for the help!
  9. Bluetribal

    For Sale  94 Land Cruiser - Green Body Parts - Murrieta, CA

    Shell is gone it has met it's demise at a SoCal junk yard. Hood $200 Rear lift gate with glass $400 - SOLD Frame is also available, Cali rig minimal rust if any! $500 obo Rear Cargo sliding glass. Passenger side has the rubber and the Drivers side the rubber was no good. I will have...
  10. DoubleNickels

    For Sale  SOLD: Craigslist (Mine!) FJ55 Body Parts - Boise, Idaho

    SOLD SOLD SOLD Craigslist Link: FJ55 Landcruiser Body Parts Hey folks. I purchased this blasted 'n primed body from local knucklehead @J Mack - he had already grabbed the rear quarter panels. I've decided I'm certainly keeping the roof and some floor sections, but I have a lot of goodies I'd...
  11. Wncarper

    Pre-1974 door on post-1974 body

    Hi all, I’m new here and have tried to search this topic with no luck. I have an October 74 fj40 that I bought with a bestop softy and soft doors. I picked up a hard top and hard doors from a Facebook seller. The hard top went on without too much trouble but my doors, which are the two glass...
  12. F

    Wanted  Where to buy chunks of body work?

    My '82 FJ60 has some rust spots that I am suddenly motivated to repair. And, while I feel pretty good about being able to weld in some patches where the body work is flat, or close to it, when I have a more complex piece to fix, it seems that gettgin a matching hunk of body to weld into place...
  13. fitzonthemark

    For Sale  sold - GA - FZJ80 - $100.00 - Front Bumper - Winch Mounting Channel - Roller Fairlead

    SOLD - I have a bumper is pretty good shape off of a 1996 FZJ80. There is a notch cut out from the bottom where I had a recessed winch mounted. I have the piece that was cut out if you want to weld it back together. The bumper has been monstalined. I am including a winch mounting channel and...
  14. morganism

    FJ60 exterior rear door handles

    So, just got these Taiwan knock off $runner handles. They have holes cut for plastic inserts, no threads. But they do have wings on both sides, so can be used R/L or F/R. I used a hex head bolt, and a castelated lock nut, and went together fine. Worked OK. Was 17 bucks for the pair, so didn't...
  15. Kilgore

    '76 Rear Axle too Far To Passenger Side

    My 1976 FJ40 seems to drive fine, but Ive always been curious about the rear axle. When you look at the body above the rear tires, the passenger rear tire is flush with the body, but the drivers side is at least 2" inset of the drivers side fender. Im looking into doing a real alignment this...
  16. KayyBaby

    Left front door handle part confusion

    TL;DR: Does anyone know if I can use (69220-60020-03) door handle on a 91 FJ80? Or why my special unicorn has a different exterior handle than every other FJ80 on the planet? My driver door is making a noise and seems to pull on one side more than the other when opening the exterior handle. So...
  17. Dunkane


    Here is a new website to visit Body panels for toyota FJ40 BJ40 pre or post 79 HJ45 FJ45 completly new bed rain gutter 40 and 45 bushtaxi much more to come :)
  18. DJCloz

    Body mount Sqeeks? Creeks?

    I have recently noticed a little bit of sqeeking right under my driver side floor board while driving. Usually from when I take off from a stand still. There is a body mount there so I assume it has gone bad after almost 200k miles and the occasional wheeling trip every couple months where I...
  19. J

    top places to get body work (FJ40 in Texas)

    I am new to this so sorry guys and gals if this has been posted or I just did not do my home work correctly. I just got a 1973 FJ 40 and it needs alot of body work. I leave in Houston TX so I was hopping if there are any recommendations to where to get body work done in TX? Thanks for the help
  20. B

    Recommendation for body work/shop

    Hello Olde North State Cruisers, I have a 1983 Land Cruiser I've inherited from my brother. It has some issues with rust spots on the roof and a few spots on the lower panels. I'm in need of recommendations of any body shops you have used and received quality work. I live in Carteret County, so...
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