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  1. Woocha

    1980 FJ40 Body and Door Fitment. Doors from another year???

    First time poster. I have been reading the forums a lot over the past several weeks as i recently picked up a 1980 FJ40 with a 4 cylinder b diesel. I have a lot of things that i want to do with this 40, but i am gathering information now so that i can begin to acquire the parts. My 40 came with...
  2. Megadoomer

    SOLD  Early driver tail light body piece

    I am looking for a decent tail light section to replace my beat up area. See the area I am looking for.
  3. SalmonMan

    EBI (Extreme Bend Inc)

    Has anyone purchased any of EBI products and if so, how was the quality. I've sent an email to them and no response. Their website leaves a lot to be desired. How are the products through Real Steel? Again, no response to my email. Now that I've removed 40 pounds of bondo, I have a lot of...
  4. oledirthead

    Wanted  FJ60/62 need left/right rear quarter panels+dog legs & rear lower gate

    I'm located upstate NY area but willing to get beat up on shppg...for decent set of rear quarter panels+dog legs, rockers &need rear lower tailgate for my 85LC. If anyone has solid parts to spare... pls either pm me or can send pics & prices to my email " r100pjc(at)" thanks in advance !
  5. C

    1965 panels on 1980 body??? possible or not?

    Soooooooooooo... here's the deal: I have a 1965 FJ40 in pretty nice rust free condition...but, no PS, drum brakes, old tired engine but looks great mostly :) today I found a 1980 FJ40 from Japan that is super rusty being from Japan and the Oceanside...however it has a diesel engine, has PS...
  6. F

    For Sale  Various 1987 Toyota 4runner Parts

    Front Chrome Bumper Good Condition Not all banged up ($50) Front marker lights ($15 Pair) Electric Side View Mirrors ($50 pair) *as indicated in the picture, I only have one cover piece. Tail gate lock and window switch ($25) Dash board gauge housing ($30) Front Bumper Body Skirt ($20)...
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