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  1. R

    front body mount missing - but just that ?

    Appreciate the help - I knew this 1999 4Runner had been hit before i bought it but didn't see this until now....just wondering if I get front rubber mounts (&washer/bolt), is everything else in place for a bolt up ? Hoping it was not there just because the jerk who sold it to me was lazy -...
  2. DJCloz

    Body mount Sqeeks? Creeks?

    I have recently noticed a little bit of sqeeking right under my driver side floor board while driving. Usually from when I take off from a stand still. There is a body mount there so I assume it has gone bad after almost 200k miles and the occasional wheeling trip every couple months where I...
  3. hodag

    Wanted  I need one poly body mount (preferably SOR)

    Does anyone have a spare polyurethane body mount laying around? I put on a full set of SOR mounts about 10 years ago. Im in the process of replacing my rear sill, and one of my mounts completely disintegrated when I pulled it out of the rear crossmember. It doesn't necessarily need to be an...
  4. Taha32

    Original FJ45 Body mount size

    Anyone have the original body block sizes for a 1975 fj45, both the front and back? Dont have my original mounts and want the height measurements to work out what lift blocks I want to get. Cheers Tom
  5. F

    Wanted  FJ40 rear tub or body

    Im in the process of rebuilding 3 fj40's a 74, 75 & 76. I'm in need of a complete rear tub or may me interested in a whole tub. I'm in Florida willing to travel but not to far. Thanks!
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