1. J

    What am I doing wrong? She won’t start!

    I have a 1984 BJ60 w/3B & after market turbo. 2 weeks ago she ran well once started she would crank a little slow and eventually start. I replaced the starter motor got a compression check, 425 psi across all 4, and she started well there after problem solved right.....? last night after no...
  2. Vavrinyuk

    FJ80 1991 Brake Bleeding Sequence

    Hello Everyone I am going to be bleeding my brakes on 1991 Land Cruiser after replacing front brake calipers using the Power Bleeder. I just wanted to make sure my bleeding sequence is correct. RR - LR - LSPV - FR - FL
  3. jesus888

    NV4500 / Chevy 350 / Clutch issues - Can't shift into/out of gear

    Hey fellas, I'll first give the rundown on the specs and then I'll explain the problem... Specs: 1972 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 Chevy 350 (Crate motor from ~1999) NV4500 (Early version with granny low) Unknown Clutch (probably installed 58K miles ago when drivetrain was updated) Clutch Master /...
  4. TexYoung

    Bleeding Brakes

    I just bought an FJ40 and replaced the front brake shoes. Before and after I replaced the shoes, the front left brake was grabbing and pulling the vehicle to the left when brakes were hit hard. I had great pressure at the pedal, just pulling left. I decided to bleed the brakes and see if that...
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