1. tlaporte

    SOLD  OEM Intermittent Wiper Switch and Knob

    Switch is Part Number 84652-60330, and the knob is 84651-20032 (for completeness sake, the bolt is part number 90984-01007) Appropriate for 8/80-9/84 40-series Landcruisers Three positions: intermittent, low, and high Can be used with modified wiper motor, or with relay from a 60-series, to give...
  2. C

    Questions about the BJ series

    I'm looking to get into the Land cruiser club, looking at a bj41 right now. Some general questions i have are things like What's the MPG? I can't seem to get a solid answer on this anywhere on the internet. Some say low 20's while others say low 30's/mid 30's. Also, what's the max speed for the...
  3. G

    hj47, fj45, bj42, fj40 hj47 speedo swap j06 to j07

    hi everyone, has anyone ever swapped there j06 dash cluster to a j07 or even a j07 speedometer into a j06 cluster. have this question because my odometer stopped turning and i can not find a j06 cluster anywhere to replace it. though i have seen a j07 speedometer for $ 350, there is a complete...
  4. shanko

    For Sale  1981 Toyota Land Cruiser BJ42 - 3B, 5spd 24V Euro Spec

    THIS CRUISER IS SOLD!!!! This is a beautiful BJ42! I've had 12 Land Cruisers over the past 18 years and this is by far the nicest one I've owned. Here is a link to a Dropbox folder with approx. 450 pics Dropbox You can see everything on the vehicle in the pictures. Here is the link to the...
  5. kling-on

    For Sale  BJ42 in San Antonio Texas

    This LHD 1982 BJ 42 is a Canadian 24volt cold weather spec cruiser was "restored" 15yrs or so ago and is showing its age on the paint. Some rust in hood and cowl edges. 260K Km but will change as I drive it alot. It looks great still but isn't a con-course resto. I preferred this since I DD this...
  6. Fantom

    BJ42 electrical gremlins - turn signals

    I've had this truck for a while now and something very weird is going on. Has been happening since I bought it off the previous owner. Some times (unrelated to weather, time of day, temperature or alignment of the moon) the turn signals and the hazards stop working. I can try either one...
  7. Paraglider

    24v parts availability and conversion to 12v

    I'm considering buying a BJ40 series cruiser but was wondering what the availability of parts are for a 24v version. I'm in the U.S. if that makes a difference. Also, was wondering if it's completely stupid to consider converting a 24v to a 12v and how complicated and expensive that would be.
  8. A

    Landy Customs - Shon Laurent

    Has anyone dealt with Shon Laurent from Landy Customs? He has some cruisers out of Canary Islands Spain. Please let me know if anyone has any experience with him. Thanks
  9. SgtChase

    H55DF on a 1984 FJ60

    title should not say hd55f but h55f I just bought a used H55f Transmission with the split t-case attached to it still, it came off of a BJ42 or a BJ60 if im correct. I read that i need to get longer bolts to mount it to the t-case, but its already mounted... As far as i know, all i need todo is...
  10. R

    BJ40 or BJ42

    I live JUST south of Vancouver , BC, CANADA. I'm looking for a bj40 or bj42 or bj44 - late 70's or 80's. Thank you but I'm not looking for a handy man special. No time when I have 4 kids. Thank you
  11. jvanhove

    Wanted  wanted bj42 for my brother

    Wanted 83/84 BJ42
  12. Ken White

    BJ42 LX (Ruby) Rebuild

    Well time to start a file to share for my BJ42 LX rebuild. I have started to pull a few of the panels off already and preparing them for painting. Roof has come off and has been sanded down. Just ordered a new headliner, rain gutter and windshield cap from CCOT so that the roof can be completed.
  13. The Beej

    license plate wiring guidance? 81 BJ42

    i had thought the license plate bulbs were out on the new to me 81 BJ42 i am fixing up so when I took the plate holder off to refurbish and paint, I replaced the bulbs, yeah they were toast but no. new ones didn't fix it got underneath to look at the wiring and lo and behold the wires that...
  14. R

    Wanted  40 Series left front battery support?

    Anyone have a battery support for the left front of a 40 series? Thinking a BJ42 might work. Thanks.
  15. C

    For Sale  1981 bj42 3b diesel CDN

    runs like a top mechanically a 1 ...275 kms strong 3b diesel 4 speed tranny 4 inch lift 33 inch rubber warn winch body has rust repaired several years back with plate steel solid and presentable 17500 obo located in Vancouver B.C.
  16. Showroom

    Introduction - BJ42 in Montreal

    Hello all. I’ve been on here researching later 40 series diesels for a few months. Well I finally got a “brand new 1982” BJ42 and I’m thrilled to be in the game. It’s my first diesel and a 24V truck. I am completely ignorant regarding both systems. But through my lurking I’m catching on a...
  17. kling-on

    BJ42/3B WITH TURBO... what size exhaust

    almost done with parts collection on my Isuzu Turbo upgrade ... what size exhaust tubing is everyone running??? are you running it to the rear tire or out that back and why ?? just looking for ideas pick if you got them
  18. Crazjtk

    BJ42 Exhaust reroute and vacuum canister relocate

    Hey all, I'm looking for advice on how to reroute my late-1980 BJ42's exhaust, and ideas of where to relocate the vacuum canister to. I've got a set of White Knuckle Off Road rock sliders coming in, and that means I can't have things hanging outside my frame rails. The exhaust comes out on the...
  19. ToyotaMatt

    For Sale  82-84 FJ40 / BJ42 Factory Radio W/ Connector / Leeds & EWD Diagram

    - Late Model Size 82-84 Fj40 / BJ42 Factory Radio / Stereo - 176mm Wide x 49mm Tall - Optional AM/FM 4 Speaker - Fujitsu TEN Brand - Tested Prior to Listing Ad - will also work / fit / look nice period correct fj62 / Single Din set up - EWD diagram for pin out wires...
  20. vanisle3b42

    1983 BJ42 Aqualu Restomod Build

    Hey all, Thought I'd post some photos and a little history on my 83 bj42 build. This truck showed up in my life in a weird way, but it was an opportunity to build my dream truck so I went for it. Sold my nice daily and bought a beater to provide some cash to float the rest of the build...
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