1. myusername

    15BFT into '82 Aussie BJ42

    Thanks to @Redbj40 for doing all the hard work and giving away his secrets for a few beers, I'll be putting this lump into a BJ42! 15BFT, 4.1L mechanical inline injection pump, factory turbo goodness. I think it's from a Coaster due to the turbo piping and front hump sump. Updates will be slow...
  2. alexeivegovsky


    Hey folks, get a load of this ID plate from the BJ42: Can someone help me decode it? So far I know that it's: 1. A BJ42LV-KC... What's mean the LV and KC? 2. 3B engine 3431cc 3. Frame # BJ42-006011 4. Color is "464" ????? 5. Trim is "LK11" ????? 6. Trans H41 K082??? 7. Plant/Built at A11...
  3. Only3bstock

    Bj42 Wiring loom Replacement

    Hey fellow 40 Lovers, Looking at having a 42 Harness replicated and trying to get a feel to see if they’d sell I guess, They would be direct plug and play and looking at how many owners might be interested in a compete loom. Hope to hear back in regards! #40lyfe
  4. BigBlackCruiser

    Differential ratios Fj vs Bj

    Hi, so I now own an ‘84 FJ40 (from Brunei) and an ‘82 BJ42 (from France). The French car is being used as a donor vehicle. I was just wondering what the ratios are on the front axle? I’m hoping they’re the same so I can swap them. Cheers guys
  5. F

    Rust consult - Is this BJ42 too far gone?

    Hi all, I recently came across a 1980 BJ42 LX (factory ac, power steering, 3B engine) for sale semi-locally. The first set of photos I received was pretty promising. Owner assured me that the vehicle runs well, but the body will "need some work". My Dad and I are a fairly handy pair, so I...
  6. E

    For Sale  Nova Scotia/1984 Toyota Land Cruiser BJ42/ excellent condition

    So I ended up talking with the owner and got some details figured out. Second owner since 1990 is a woman (wife of owner) who never used it for off road and she kept it in meticulous care and service, undercoated yearly and has gotten a recent clean and scrape. It has 400,000 km on it. It...
  7. OIO

    BJ42 Transmission/Transfer Case only weakly engaging. Help!

    Just bought my first 40 series. Canadian diesel BJ42 1980 3b diesel with 4 spd. The shippers were able to drive it on the truck well enough but when it arrived 3 days later, it can hardly pull itself. Symptoms. Transfer lever makes no difference regardless of position (previous owner said...
  8. K

    For Sale  1981 Diesel BJ42 Fully Restored

    1981 Diesel Bj42 now fully restored for sale. Located Nanaimo Vancouver Island BC Canada Asking 55,000 Can Deliver upon request.
  9. B

    For Sale  82 BJ42 LHD - NorCal

    Up for sale is a 1982 BJ42 with 370k km (229k miles). This has a 3B diesel with the typical factory 4 speed and has a 24v electrical system. This rig has been garage kept since I bought it. It is my weekend warrior, drive it at least two days a week and the drive train is very reliable. I...
  10. TristanFF

    1982 Land Cruiser BJ42 Restoration

    Hey everyone, Been thinking about doing this for a while but would any one on here be interested in watching a Canadian dudes semi-professional documentary YouTube series on restoring a vintage Land Cruiser? I’m doing 99-100 percent of the work myself and will be uploading shortly. I’ll add a...
  11. FJ40GURU

    Vendor  40 series NOS OEM DASH LAMP

    Genuin new discontinued part Some scratches exist. $119 shipped.
  12. B

    1979 - 1984 Purchase Recommendations

    Greetings all, After fifteen years for messing around with diesel trucks and dual sport motorcycles, I find myself in Bogota, Colombia where I am surrounded by awesome Land Cruisers every day. It's gotten to the point that I can't resist anymore, and I have to take the plunge. In spite of the...
  13. D

    For Sale  Fj40 long jump seats

    Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 Jump Seats | eBay
  14. J

    For Sale  Aluminum 4-core radiator for 1982 BJ42

    $150 + shipping New never-installed 4-core aluminum radiator for 1982 BJ42 Fits 80-86 40 series - may have other applications
  15. FJ40GURU

    SOLD  Rear license plate FJ40, BJ42, HJ47, FJ43

    Hi Mud, Rear license plate, Used. the plugs are missing, and there are 2 holes on each cover (damn it....!) $170 plus shipping from Australia
  16. L

    Wanted  Factory style carpet for a BJ42

    I am looking for a factory style carpet set for a BJ42, front, back and sides. Does anyone know of a company selling or reproducing these ??? Need tan in color. Any help would be great...Thanks.
  17. C

    Wanted  1979-83 body tub or half tub, roof panel, doors

    Looking for a body tub or rear half tub for my 83 BJ42 build in SF bay area, thanks! Also interested in a good condition frame, passenger door, ambulance doors and a roof panel and willing to drive a few hundred miles or so for pickup if needed.
  18. C

    Wanted  1979-84 FJ40 Frame

    Looking for a frame for my 83 BJ42 build in SF bay area, thanks! Also interested in a body tub, doors and a roof panel and willing to drive for pickup.
  19. K

    For Sale  Fueltank bj42

    Fueltank (diesel bj42) for sale, it is an original part and it doesn’t leak. Price: 2000kr (DKK) Part is located in Denmark. Brændstoftank til bj42 Priside: 2000kr Befinder sig i Danmark
  20. 4wdds

    For Sale  1982 BJ42 LHD 24v 3B Diesel w/ Warn 8274 (MI/USA)

    It is time for the next curator for a couple of Land Cruisers. For sale is a 3B diesel 1982 BJ42 left hand drive and a 1966 FJ40 plow truck w/ pto winch. I would like to sell them as a package deal but will separate if need be. I will also list this in the FJ40 section. The '82 BJ42 is a...
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