1. E

    For Sale Nova Scotia/1984 Toyota Land Cruiser BJ42/ excellent condition

    So I ended up talking with the owner and got some details figured out. Second owner since 1990 is a woman (wife of owner) who never used it for off road and she kept it in meticulous care and service, undercoated yearly and has gotten a recent clean and scrape. It has 400,000 km on it. It...
  2. OIO

    BJ42 Transmission/Transfer Case only weakly engaging. Help!

    Just bought my first 40 series. Canadian diesel BJ42 1980 3b diesel with 4 spd. The shippers were able to drive it on the truck well enough but when it arrived 3 days later, it can hardly pull itself. Symptoms. Transfer lever makes no difference regardless of position (previous owner said...
  3. K

    For Sale 1981 Diesel BJ42 Fully Restored

    1981 Diesel Bj42 now fully restored for sale. Located Nanaimo Vancouver Island BC Canada Asking 55,000 Can Deliver upon request.
  4. B

    For Sale 82 BJ42 LHD - NorCal

    Up for sale is a 1982 BJ42 with 370k km (229k miles). This has a 3B diesel with the typical factory 4 speed and has a 24v electrical system. This rig has been garage kept since I bought it. It is my weekend warrior, drive it at least two days a week and the drive train is very reliable. I...
  5. TristanFF

    1982 Land Cruiser BJ42 Restoration

    Hey everyone, Been thinking about doing this for a while but would any one on here be interested in watching a Canadian dudes semi-professional documentary YouTube series on restoring a vintage Land Cruiser? I’m doing 99-100 percent of the work myself and will be uploading shortly. I’ll add a...
  6. FJ40GURU

    Vendor 40 series NOS OEM DASH LAMP

    Genuin new discontinued part Some scratches exist. $119 shipped.
  7. B

    1979 - 1984 Purchase Recommendations

    Greetings all, After fifteen years for messing around with diesel trucks and dual sport motorcycles, I find myself in Bogota, Colombia where I am surrounded by awesome Land Cruisers every day. It's gotten to the point that I can't resist anymore, and I have to take the plunge. In spite of the...
  8. D

    For Sale Fj40 long jump seats

    Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 Jump Seats | eBay
  9. J

    For Sale Aluminum 4-core radiator for 1982 BJ42

    $150 + shipping New never-installed 4-core aluminum radiator for 1982 BJ42 Fits 80-86 40 series - may have other applications
  10. FJ40GURU

    SOLD Rear license plate FJ40, BJ42, HJ47, FJ43

    Hi Mud, Rear license plate, Used. the plugs are missing, and there are 2 holes on each cover (damn it....!) $170 plus shipping from Australia
  11. L

    Wanted Factory style carpet for a BJ42

    I am looking for a factory style carpet set for a BJ42, front, back and sides. Does anyone know of a company selling or reproducing these ??? Need tan in color. Any help would be great...Thanks.
  12. C

    Wanted 1979-83 body tub or half tub, roof panel, doors

    Looking for a body tub or rear half tub for my 83 BJ42 build in SF bay area, thanks! Also interested in a good condition frame, passenger door, ambulance doors and a roof panel and willing to drive a few hundred miles or so for pickup if needed.
  13. C

    Wanted 1979-84 FJ40 Frame

    Looking for a frame for my 83 BJ42 build in SF bay area, thanks! Also interested in a body tub, doors and a roof panel and willing to drive for pickup.
  14. K

    For Sale Fueltank bj42

    Fueltank (diesel bj42) for sale, it is an original part and it doesn’t leak. Price: 2000kr (DKK) Part is located in Denmark. Brændstoftank til bj42 Priside: 2000kr Befinder sig i Danmark
  15. 4wdds

    For Sale 1982 BJ42 LHD 24v 3B Diesel w/ Warn 8274 (MI/USA)

    It is time for the next curator for a couple of Land Cruisers. For sale is a 3B diesel 1982 BJ42 left hand drive and a 1966 FJ40 plow truck w/ pto winch. I would like to sell them as a package deal but will separate if need be. I will also list this in the FJ40 section. The '82 BJ42 is a...
  16. tlaporte

    For Sale SOLD - OEM Intermittent Wiper Switch and Knob

    Switch is Part Number 84652-60330, and the knob is 84651-20032 (for completeness sake, the bolt is part number 90984-01007) Appropriate for 8/80-9/84 40-series Landcruisers Three positions: intermittent, low, and high Can be used with modified wiper motor, or with relay from a 60-series, to give...
  17. C

    Questions about the BJ series

    I'm looking to get into the Land cruiser club, looking at a bj41 right now. Some general questions i have are things like What's the MPG? I can't seem to get a solid answer on this anywhere on the internet. Some say low 20's while others say low 30's/mid 30's. Also, what's the max speed for the...
  18. G

    hj47, fj45, bj42, fj40 hj47 speedo swap j06 to j07

    hi everyone, has anyone ever swapped there j06 dash cluster to a j07 or even a j07 speedometer into a j06 cluster. have this question because my odometer stopped turning and i can not find a j06 cluster anywhere to replace it. though i have seen a j07 speedometer for $ 350, there is a complete...
  19. shanko

    For Sale 1981 Toyota Land Cruiser BJ42 - 3B, 5spd 24V Euro Spec

    THIS CRUISER IS SOLD!!!! This is a beautiful BJ42! I've had 12 Land Cruisers over the past 18 years and this is by far the nicest one I've owned. Here is a link to a Dropbox folder with approx. 450 pics Dropbox You can see everything on the vehicle in the pictures. Here is the link to the...
  20. kling-on

    For Sale BJ42 in San Antonio Texas

    This LHD 1982 BJ 42 is a Canadian 24volt cold weather spec cruiser was "restored" 15yrs or so ago and is showing its age on the paint. Some rust in hood and cowl edges. 260K Km but will change as I drive it alot. It looks great still but isn't a con-course resto. I preferred this since I DD this...
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