1. SHREDwagon

    For Sale  40 Series Fuel Sender & Gauge Assy

    83310-60014 GAUGE ASSY, FUEL 83320-60051 GAUGE ASSY, FUEL SENDER NEW OEM. $70.00 ea or $130 for both
  2. SHREDwagon

    For Sale  AB, CAN - BJ42 24V AM Radio

    Great condition. Imported from Japan from a BJ41 as I couldn't find one locally for the BJ42. Only has AM, but otherwise OEM finish. Asking $300 OBO Also have an OEM dash panel (unmolested and rust-free) from a 1981 BJ42 for an additional $150, if needed. Trades: Wilcox G24 and/or J Arm
  3. 8

    Wanted  PNW Portland OR, wanted BJ42 RHD tub & body parts

    wanted BJ42 RHD tub & body parts
  4. O

    For Sale  1980 Toyota BJ44 FOR SALE - was previous auction announcement.

    This 1980 Toyota Land Cruiser BJ44 is a right-hand-drive wagon that was sold new in Japan and imported into the US during previous ownership. It is finished in red with a white roof over a two-tone interior and is powered by a 3.2-liter diesel inline-four paired with a four-speed manual...
  5. D

    What have I done?? Snapped axle shaft?

    Hi All, Firstly, thanks so much to this forum and all the members for the info available to clueless people like me. I've only owned my BJ42 for a few months and I've already used lots of useful info and I'd be lost without it. Right, I've got a 1982 BJ42 imported to the UK from France. Last...
  6. Twisty

    SOLD  09/1984 BJ42 LX Land Cruiser SWB - 3.4l diesel, 5spd, p/steer, disc brakes, 6 seater - Australia

    This vehicle requires EXTENSIVE rust repairs! Happy to provide more detailed photos of these areas. Located Sunshine Coast, QLD, Australia Price: $20,000 AUD (Approx $14,200 USD) 09/1984 BJ42 LX Landcruiser SWB 4x4 3b 3.4l 4cyl. Diesel Motor Factory 6 seater, 5 speed gearbox, disc brakes and...
  7. myusername

    15BFT into '82 Aussie BJ42

    Thanks to @Redbj40 for doing all the hard work and giving away his secrets for a few beers, I'll be putting this lump into a BJ42! 15BFT, 4.1L mechanical inline injection pump, factory turbo goodness. I think it's from a Coaster due to the turbo piping and front hump sump. Updates will be slow...
  8. alexeivegovsky


    Hey folks, get a load of this ID plate from the BJ42: Can someone help me decode it? So far I know that it's: 1. A BJ42LV-KC... What's mean the LV and KC? 2. 3B engine 3431cc 3. Frame # BJ42-006011 4. Color is "464" ????? 5. Trim is "LK11" ????? 6. Trans H41 K082??? 7. Plant/Built at A11...
  9. Only3bstock

    Bj42 Wiring loom Replacement

    Hey fellow 40 Lovers, Looking at having a 42 Harness replicated and trying to get a feel to see if they’d sell I guess, They would be direct plug and play and looking at how many owners might be interested in a compete loom. Hope to hear back in regards! #40lyfe
  10. BigBlackCruiser

    Differential ratios Fj vs Bj

    Hi, so I now own an ‘84 FJ40 (from Brunei) and an ‘82 BJ42 (from France). The French car is being used as a donor vehicle. I was just wondering what the ratios are on the front axle? I’m hoping they’re the same so I can swap them. Cheers guys
  11. F

    Rust consult - Is this BJ42 too far gone?

    Hi all, I recently came across a 1980 BJ42 LX (factory ac, power steering, 3B engine) for sale semi-locally. The first set of photos I received was pretty promising. Owner assured me that the vehicle runs well, but the body will "need some work". My Dad and I are a fairly handy pair, so I...
  12. E

    For Sale  Nova Scotia/1984 Toyota Land Cruiser BJ42/ excellent condition

    So I ended up talking with the owner and got some details figured out. Second owner since 1990 is a woman (wife of owner) who never used it for off road and she kept it in meticulous care and service, undercoated yearly and has gotten a recent clean and scrape. It has 400,000 km on it. It...
  13. OIO

    BJ42 Transmission/Transfer Case only weakly engaging. Help!

    Just bought my first 40 series. Canadian diesel BJ42 1980 3b diesel with 4 spd. The shippers were able to drive it on the truck well enough but when it arrived 3 days later, it can hardly pull itself. Symptoms. Transfer lever makes no difference regardless of position (previous owner said...
  14. K

    For Sale  1981 Diesel BJ42 Fully Restored

    1981 Diesel Bj42 now fully restored for sale. Located Nanaimo Vancouver Island BC Canada Asking 55,000 Can Deliver upon request.
  15. B

    For Sale  82 BJ42 LHD - NorCal

    Up for sale is a 1982 BJ42 with 370k km (229k miles). This has a 3B diesel with the typical factory 4 speed and has a 24v electrical system. This rig has been garage kept since I bought it. It is my weekend warrior, drive it at least two days a week and the drive train is very reliable. I...
  16. TristanFF

    1982 Land Cruiser BJ42 Restoration

    Hey everyone, Been thinking about doing this for a while but would any one on here be interested in watching a Canadian dudes semi-professional documentary YouTube series on restoring a vintage Land Cruiser? I’m doing 99-100 percent of the work myself and will be uploading shortly. I’ll add a...
  17. FJ40GURU

    Vendor  40 series NOS OEM DASH LAMP

    Genuin new discontinued part Some scratches exist. $155 shipped.
  18. B

    1979 - 1984 Purchase Recommendations

    Greetings all, After fifteen years for messing around with diesel trucks and dual sport motorcycles, I find myself in Bogota, Colombia where I am surrounded by awesome Land Cruisers every day. It's gotten to the point that I can't resist anymore, and I have to take the plunge. In spite of the...
  19. D

    For Sale  Fj40 long jump seats

    Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 Jump Seats | eBay
  20. J

    For Sale  Aluminum 4-core radiator for 1982 BJ42

    $150 + shipping New never-installed 4-core aluminum radiator for 1982 BJ42 Fits 80-86 40 series - may have other applications
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