1. cbolt06

    For Sale  Texas 1971 FJ40 Body Parts

    1971 FJ40 body parts for sale. Complete windshield/frame with wiper system, front fenders with lights, bib, bezel, and tire carrier with hinges and latch. Also have a pair of lights with rings, and license plate mount that I forgot to post. Surface rust. Not sure if wiper motor is working. I...
  2. AlexMoore91

    Wanted  FJ40 Bib Hinge

    Looking for a front bib hinge that spins freely in good shape. Going on a 74'. Paypal $$ Ready. Thanks!
  3. tlc73

    Wanted  Restoring Rusting 1980 BJ44. Need some parts (probably from FJ40.)

    Looking for all 1980-ish non rusted through parts: I need a right hand drive windshield frame (I know fat chance - checking with SOR.) A pair of 1980-ish fenders (complete.) A set of floor panels I can weld in for a 1980-ish LC. FOUND ALREADY: I need a 1980-ish bib. <- Got off ebay all the way...
  4. bwalker16527

    1974 40 bib question

    I have a 1974 40 and on the bib there are 2 circular marks with 3 holes under the headlights that look like a reflector may have been mounted there. In the picture and look directly under the headlight. You can see it best in the picture on the passenger side but both sides have it. I...
  5. gator25

    Bib Repair

    Figured maybe this may help somebody. Marked where it was to be cut out with a sharpie. Once I cut the bad spot out. Try not to cut in the bend, that way you can keep the front edge of the bib good and straight. When the bottom layer was cut out found that some of the inside panel needed to be...
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