battery tray

  1. mussy

    Battery trays for you US boys

    Hi, Was at a breakers in France who specialises in breaking HDJ 80s. Found a heap of battery trays. I know the guy well, and.told him I would post on the forum. Let me know if you guys want any. I think the best would be to ship to one place and then somebody distributres. Anyway here you...
  2. SandiaFJ40

    For Sale Man A Fre Dual Battery Tray

    I have an old school Man A Fre dual battery tray that is currently collecting dust in my shed that needs a new home. They don't make these anymore and this one is in pretty good shape. $125 plus the trip will get it to its new home. Thanks.
  3. mospeed1

    Battery tray

    Is anyone using a custom made battery tray.or a universal style from summit or jegs...mine has rusted out on my 62 and I'm trying to find a cheaper option then buying a factory style tray
  4. RFB

    For Sale Ballistic Fabrication - 34/78 DUAL SHORT Optima Battery Box Tray

    I bought this hoping I could double stack two optima on drivers side, wont work for me brand new raw steel 60 bucks 20 to ship
  5. shmukster

    For Sale 64 FJ40 battery tray very solid in PA

    Selling this battery tray came with a 64 FJ40 project I parted a few years ago. It is very solid and appears to have been bead blasted. Includes the bracket that holds the fuel filter. Price $45 buyer pays shipping. Best to email me
  6. jmlockwood

    For Sale FJ60 battery tray

    I just installed a new stainless battery tray. My original tray is in great condition. The only thing I don't have is the hardware (hold down bolt, etc). These can be easily obtained at parts store. $40 obo.
  7. meatloaf

    Trade Dual Electric Fan for Vortec to Trade for FJ60 battery tray & TC linkage

    Went with mechanical fan etc., so I have a dual fan I would like to trade for an fj60 battery tray and TC linkage. I had bought it new when my 60 got the transplant and ran it for around 30K miles. Truck has been sitting for about 3 years and now bringing it back to life. Let me know what you...
  8. Dharma Dude

    GX470 specific dual battery tray

    I think this just became available from Off-Grid Engineering folks. The pictures shows a very clean install with the battery mounted on the passenger side of engine compartment. Wondering if anybody has experience with this company or the actual mount. 2003 - 2009 Lexus GX 470 Auxiliary...
  9. Sandroad

    For Sale Group 31 Battery Tray for a 100

    SOLD I have a group 31 battery tray/hold-down for the stock location in a 100 series Land Cruiser I no longer need. It was installed in my 100 until last year, when i reverted to a stock 27F battery and removed this larger group 31 tray/hold-down. It was made by MUD member shaggy101 and he sold...
  10. shanester

    Simple dual battery setup

    Do you guys see anything wrong with this kit? HEAVY DUTY DUAL / AUXILIARY BATTERY ISOLATOR W/ CABLES - COMPLETE KIT! 150A | eBay My Slee dual battery tray has arrived and I'm wondering if this setup would work if I'm trying to keep it simple. I'll eventually be running an led bar, winch...
  11. SandiaFJ40

    Wanted BJ-40 Battery Box - Albuquerque, NM.

    Looking for a factory battery box for a BJ-40 (Driver's Side). I am in the process of a 3B-T conversion and this is one of the last things I need to finish up. Please send pics if you have them. I have cash in hand and I am ready to purchase. Thanks, SandiaFJ40
  12. Pommy

    Different battery tray for SWB 40 series

    Just wondering if anyone has had any luck with installing a later model battery tray in a fj40 engine bay with minimal fabrication. For example a 100 series battery tray or hilux etc. The reason for asking is my battery has been dodging relocated to inside the vehicle by previous owner and it...
  13. mdman

    For Sale FJ40 OEM Battery Tray

    I'm selling a new OEM FJ40 Battery Tray P/N 74403-60011 for $35.99 + S&H. The tray has some cosmetic scratches in the rubberized coating. Check out my listing: 7440360011
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