1. mccaleb77

    For Sale  Utah - FJ40 full size Tradesman roof rack

    Fj40 roof rack. Full length. Has runners that go full length of rain gutter for better weight distribution. Asking $700 OBO thanks for looking. Mike
  2. Tor88

    SOLD  Yakima Warrior Roof Basket in Sacramento

    Selling my Yakima Warrior. Good functional shape. Has some minor rust stains. Plastic wrapping on cross bars is unraveling. Comes with all parts including new locks and keys ready to be installed. Specs: Yakima Warrior 52” Long 48” Wide 5” deep Gutter mount from FJ62 New in box Yakima SKS Locks...
  3. aviafx

    SOLD  SF Bay Area // Kargo Master Safari Roof Rack // FJ60

    Hey all, Selling a Kargo Master Safari basket/rack. 52" wide x 60" long, 6.5" high from the top of the roof on my 60. It's been a great basket rack, from hauling mainly kayaks, a spare tire, plywood, and luggage. I can stand up on it and move loads around without an issue. Not sure how old it...
  4. fooldall1

    Basket for Factory Roof Rack?

    Anyone know if these things exist, specifically designed for the factory LC roof rack? I did a google search, but they all look proprietary- I see no "addon" basket for these factory racks. Any ideas?
  5. EasternYeti

    4Plus 3 Jerry Can Basket NLA?

    Just looking over the site and it seems very different. No longer see the smaller products they used to carry. Particularly the 3 can Jerry rear swingout basket. They used to offer it in kits or the entire basket. Granted it was pretty step, it had everything including the mounts for a high...
  6. MyCruiserisaHogBeast

    Incoming Basket Case! 60 Series Gurus, I have questions!

    I am about to adopt an epic FJ62 (more on that when it hits my driveway). I'm looking for some advice on some purchases I should make in preparation for receiving this truck. My goal is to take advantage in this slow period in my work schedule to tackle the truck and get it buttoned up quick. I...
  7. F

    Con-ferr roof basket question.

    Hey everyone, I've been lurking here for a bit, just picked up my first land cruiser in January. I've been tinkering with it since I got it. Right now it has a cheapo roof basket mounted to the factory load bars. But I found an original Con-Ferr rack for a great price, and plan on going that...
  8. B

    Roof Tent on a Cargo Rack Basket

    I'm looking at purchasing an FJ62 that already has a rack on it, but I can't seem to find the particularly rack online/get a good look at it from the pictures. I'd like to mount my Tepui on it, but unlike my current vehicle this rack doesn't appear to be flat, with cross bars. Instead, it's...
  9. WanderinWhitlows

    For Sale  ARB #3800120M roof rack/basket

    This is the rack that came with my 77 and it's time for it to go since I never use it. Other than sitting on the truck, I don't think it's ever been used. I'm asking $500.00 USD for it and all of its mounting hardware plus shipping. If you are going to the 70 series meet this weekend, or...
  10. AllLC

    Wanted  1999 LC Armour

    Yup, Pretty much looking for it all... 1. Sliders - as long as their solid i dont care if their pretty- though price should reflect condition 2. Skid plates- what do you have- i really like slee's but not a must just need oem upgrade 3. rear bumper- again not picky about brand here as long as...
  11. uwum15

    '79 FJ40 roof rack ideas

    I have been searching for a roof rack for my 1979 FJ40 but I can't seem to find a good option online or in the forums. Does anyone know of a manufacturer for something nice that I can remove when I want to? Thanks in advance,
  12. adventuremobile

    Wanted  ARB Roof Basket

    FOUND WTB an ARB roof basket with mounting brackets for an FJ60 or 80. Part #3800010M or #4900010M. Thanks!
  13. Captain Sanuk

    For Sale  Yakima Mega Warrior rack + Extension (Lincoln CA)

    I have a Yakima Mega Warrior rack with extension. I ran it on my 60 for a while but got a different rack for the rtt. This rack is in great condition. $400. Local pickup
  14. Expolander

    For Sale  [USA][UT]ARB 73X49" STEEL RACK WITH MESH FLOOR 3800020M

    ***SOLD**** $500.00 (local p/u only please from zip 84321) Pictures please see --> ARB 73X49" STEEL RACK WITH MESH FLOOR 3800020M - $500.00 For other applications and details please see --> Roof Racks Fits multiple applications with vehicle-specific mounting kit (Please check fitment) 73"...
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