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Apr 9, 2014
west michigan
Yup, Pretty much looking for it all...

1. Sliders - as long as their solid i dont care if their pretty- though price should reflect condition

2. Skid plates- what do you have- i really like slee's but not a must just need oem upgrade

3. rear bumper- again not picky about brand here as long as its made for a 99 lc. tire carrier would be nice but not a deal beaker. 2" receiver is a must. i really need to get rid of that factory hitch!

4. front bumper looking for this to pass air bag inspection. need to be able to mount a winch, if it comes with one, even better. prefer to have some headlight protection.

5. Complete Toyota timing belt kit.

6. roof basket- right now i've got factory so anything would be an upgrade.

7. I have one broken oem ds corner marker

I don't have much to trade other than the stock shock springs and torsion bars. Seems like everyone has these. they have 122k on them.

the bumpers ill be removing are fixable but it seems like you could find nicer for the bother.

The stock running boards are in excellent condition and come with rust free original hardware. i had no problems removing them!

stock diff support ( did the slee drop so i still have oem sitting in the garage)

I live in Kalamazoo mi so if i could purchase multiple items from one person that would make it worth driving a little farther.

As far as custom goes id be willing to consider for everything but the front bumper. As long as its solid- i think everyone here understands what solid is and the forces that this equipment needs to withstand!

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