1. S

    For Sale SF Bay Area: FJZ80 Complete front/rear unlocked axles

    From my ‘97 Lexus LX450, complete front and rear axle assemblies including unlocked differentials and brake assemblies. Pulled out at 256k miles from a California running truck with no leaks or noises. No leaks in the differential or hubs or axle seals. I upgraded to locked axles so selling...
  2. AlbertoSD

    SOLD Land Cruiser 40, 70 series, Full Float Nitro Chromoly Axle Kit

    I have a pair of NITRO Chromoly Axles for a 40 or 70-series Full Float Rear Axle. They are new and never installed. I bought them from Just Differentials a while ago and now need the same axles but for an 80-series so need to sell these: Toyota 9.5" Land Cruiser Heavy Duty Axle Kit...
  3. S

    SOLD $300 Chromoly Full Float FZJ80 Axles BRAND NEW

    Brand new Nitro Gear and Axle FZJ80 full float chromoly shafts. They are these exact axles: Toyota LandCruiser FJ80 Chromoly Full Float Rear Axle Shafts, Pair (AX TFF-FJ80) Never used or even mocked up. Bought them a few months ago and decided to go to fabricated axles. $300 +shipping.
  4. S

    SOLD $700 FJ80 30 spline 4340 RCVs BRAND NEW

    Brand new still in the box, even has the RCV grease tube. These are the chromoly NOT the 300m RCVs. They are these exact ones: Land Cruiser Ultimate 30 Spline 4340 Chromoly Birfield and Axle Set Asking $700 +shipping. Never used or even mocked up. Bought them a few months ago but have decided...
  5. K

    For Sale Toyota Land cruiser fj80 front and rear axles

    2 COMPLETE FRONT AXLES including disc brakes From 1991 $550 each (non locker, 4.10 HIGH PINION 8") this is a passenger drop side front axle 2 COMPLETE SEMI FLOAT Rear Axle with Drum Brakes $250 each (non locker 4.10, 9.5 inch ring gear) One set of axles front and rear still have all of the...
  6. E

    For Sale 80 Series Front Spindles South Carolina, USA

    Used spindles off my 1994 80 Series. Worked fine and took off at around 220k miles when my OCD required that I do a complete end to end axle rebuild with all new everything... So i replaced with newer needle bearing style. These are brass bushing style. Been sitting on shelf since then. Would...
  7. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale FJ80 Complete Axles - Non Locker in SoCal , Also Parts

    From a 1996: Complete Full Float Rear $500 Complete Front $550 From a 1992: Complete Front - $500 Complete Semi-Float Rear $250 Axle Parts available - NO THIRD MEMBERS, Birfields, Axle shafts, hubs, rotors, spindles, drive flanges, etc. NO FULL FLOAT REAR AXLE PARTS If you want complete...
  8. B

    Denver area help

    Hey, Long time reader, finally posting that I bought my FZJ-80. Probably the wrong place to post this, but I'm new to Denver and new to wrenching so I'm in need of some advice on my first "big" job - Front axle rebuild. Lots of great posts on here, but I can't print a forum for instructions...
  9. Deathvalleypaul

    SOLD Front & Rear E Lockers, Actuators, Switch, Etc Everything!

    PRICE REDUCED TO $2,100 for both locked axles, actuators,switch, everything! SoCal Factory 1997 E locker package including complete axles, wiring, switch and everything, etc. $2,600 firm. You pull the parts and photo and scribble and take whatever notes and hardware you need and the wiring...
  10. Tony_Farson

    FJ60 axle find!

    I posted this question on an old thread I found, but want to put it out there so it is more visible... I just got a lead on a pair of 60 axles in good shape for 1100 out the door. I don't want to pass on them, but do not have the welding chops to do a bunch of custom fab work. I'm a newbie, so...
  11. just differentials

    Nitro Gear - Chromoly that ROCKS!

    Chromoly - A mix of Chromium and Molybdenum, is designed to offer a significant increase in strength over the OEM axles. This is a great addition if you've fitted larger tires, added accessories and use your vehicle for off-roading. These HD Nitro axles boast high-strength chromoly material...
  12. just differentials

    Dana 30/44 Jeep JK Axle Sleeves

    Many Jeep owners have experienced problems with bending their front axle housings on both the Dana 30 & 44 Model. Unfortunately it is not uncommon for someone to actually bend axle tubes, even in light to moderate off-road situations. The Solution: A Nitro Axle Tube Sleeve Kit. Learn more HERE...
  13. allworknoplay

    Parting Out 1986 FJ60 in Arizona

    Helping a buddy list up his '86 FJ60 he started parting out locally but needs it gone. Despite being in Arizona now it's originally from New England and has an unusable frame. The body has some usable stuff, there's some decent interior parts, tailgate is nice, doors are pretty good, rocker...
  14. WindRiverCruiser

    For Sale Front and Rear Axles w ARB Lockers

    $3000 I have two 1986 Nissan front and rear axles for sale. The front is C200 and the rear is an H233. Those numbers represent ring gear size in millimeters. Both axles are re-geared to 4.6. Both axles are fully rebuilt by Yuri mechanical out of Australia. Not only are the outer axle is...
  15. TLink FJ60

    Help with 3rd member/diff condition

    As part of an effort to make my daily driver HJ61, 12-HT, H55F cruiser more comfortably at highway speeds and suitable for long interstate drives, I am replacing the stock 4.10 gears with 3.70 gears. I bought complete axles out of an FJ60 for $400. Apparently the axles had been sitting on the...
  16. res8aiv9


    Recently traded some work for these parts. They are all new, in the box: SOLD G2 Full Spool - Ford 9 Inch - 35 Spline. PN 85-2011C. $160 plus shipping. SOLD Spicer Differential Gear Kit. Fits 93-06 Wrangler w/Dana 35 axle. PN 707321X. $60 plus shipping. SOLD G2 Ring & Pinion Master...
  17. Awk338

    Wanted Fj62 axles

    Looking for a set of axles for my 55 Live in Wa
  18. fzj80joe

    For Sale 1994 80 axles front and rear 130k miles

    I'm putting factory locked axles under my truck so my open lockers are for sale. I have a receipt from the previous owner that the front axles seals were replaces at 90k miles. Includes control arms with caster bushings. Good brakes. disk to disk. located in Bend Oregon. Might be willing to...
  19. D

    For Sale Sold FJ60 axles complete. $300 Located in Poquoson, VA

    FJ60 axle set, front and rear, complete. Pulled from a running 1985 FJ60. Located in Poquoson, VA 23662. $300 PaulC
  20. turboed83

    For Sale Rebuilt/Complete 94 Non-Locked axles FL

    I have a complete set of axles from my 94. The front was completely rebuilt about a year ago with all oem seals and gaskets, koyo wheel and trunnion bearings, nitro birfields on stock inner axles. The rear was rebuilt in January this year all new seals, bearings etc. Have receipts and pics...
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