1. G

    For Sale 2004-2007 100 Series Audio / Navigation Part Out - All Parts Excellent Condition

    This is from a 2004 Toyota Land Cruiser. All parts work with no issues. Have everything from navigation screen, to cassette player to factory amp , to six disc changer to navigation computer to the climate control board (climate control ecu), backup camera ecu. All prices negotiable. ++...
  2. I

    Installed KENWOOD DDX8905s in 2001 LX and no audio

    Recently purchased an LX with questionable interior and malfunctioning/non-functioning radio. At first between the broken and antenna and broken volume knob I wasn’t giving much thought as to repairing it and rather upgrading the radio with a newer radio. After an 8 hour install (wiring...
  3. Classic85

    For Sale Whole Hog 8" Shallow mount Sub panel

    Toyota FJ-80 & Lexus LX-450 Sub Woofer Mount with MONO Amp Plate If you don't know whole hog it allows for a 8" shallow mount sub to be installed in the rear quarter panel replacing the factory sub location. I slightly modified the top section to ensure that there was no rubbing between body and...
  4. ferrarishine999

    Replacing Mark Levinson Amp on 2001 LX470 without Navigation.

    I very recently bought a 2001 LX470 with 175k miles for 7500, knowing that the amp was not working. I want to replace the Head Unit at some point, but I should really wait if I have to drop $475 to repair my Mark Levinson amp. Some head units come with built in amps, could I use those with the...
  5. janz3n

    mark levinson amp wiring diagram for bypass

    The TLC FAQ has been great until now. The S6 & S7 connectors they show are different than what I have in my Mark Levinson amp. (2001 LX470) Poured through threads on here and Lexus forums but nothing is working (e.g. I have three blue/yellow wires under there.) Can anyone point out what's...
  6. Deathvalleypaul


    SoCal Part number Denso 88650-60060 $75 including shipping. This amplifier is from a 1997 FJ80 but cross references to 91 to 97 AC amplifier. Tested part
  7. RFB


  8. ibrahim83

    Picking up audio signal pre amp on Navi 03+

    I currently have my system as follows, USA Spec bt45 --> Head Unit --> Factory JBL amp --> Mosconi 6to8V8 DSP --> JL MX amps in the cargo area --> infinity components & JL sub. Is there a way to bypass the JBL amp? the reason i went with the plan above was that the schematics for the car...
  9. Scoin

    Bad amp channel?

    I replaced the speakers with Memphis audio component speakers for the front and 2 ways in the rear. Prior to replacing them the drivers side rear was very low and distorted, I thought it was just the speaker but the new one does the same thing. I made sure I wired it right. Is it possible the...
  10. jerryb

    For Sale 2006 NAV ECU, DVD changer and JBL amp

    all from my 2006 LC, They have been on the shelf for a month or two. They all worked fine. Back up cam computer will also be on here when I can take the pass seat out again. DVD changer # 86270-60115 $400 JBL audio amp # 86280-0w061 $250 NAV ECU # 86841-50090 $250 Shipping included at those...
  11. akarilo

    1999 Nakamichi Stereo Upgrade, With Factory Amp (simplified)

    OK, so I know this has been documented several times as you can see from some of the photos I lifted from other threads. Everybody seems to think it's difficult to upgrade with this "22pin" molex plug, etc. It's just like any other stereo install. For starters, don't be freaked about cutting...
  12. T4RBoarder

    A/C Amp or Control Unit

    Good Morning everyone, hopefully I didn't miss a thread about this in my search. I currently do not have A/C in my recently acquired 40th and would like to hopefully rectify the issue before the weather gets too warm. Symptoms are the engine idles up as I feel like it should when I push the A/C...
  13. ChewBaca

    06 LC Amp Bypass Instructions

    Hello, I have been digging through numerous threads on how to bypass the amp on an LC and I can't seem to find any instructions. There is a lot of info but nothing that is solid on how to perform this task. Has anyone done this before and if so could you please provide the steps needed to make...
  14. ChewBaca

    Audio Control LC6i for Amp upgrade

    Has anyone used the LC6i contraption from Audio Control to upgrade the 100 series sound system? LC6i - AudioControl My plan is to use this along with my kicker CXA Series 5 channel amp. I just installed 4 jbl club 6520 door speakers and it needs more of a punch. I also have an older mtx woofer...
  15. P

    80 amp vs 100 amp alternator

    I have a 2000 TLC with a bad alternator. Ordered an alternator online but after reading through this forum discovered that the early 100's came with either an 80 or a 100 amp alternator. (And of course I ordered the 80 amp!) Without removing how can I tell which one I have? (Cannot see any part...
  16. Source Hydrographics

    Wanted 100 series factory amp

    Looking for a good working factory stereo amp. The one under the passenger seat. I have a 2000 LC . Please let me know if you're selling and how much shipped to 23464. Thanks
  17. ih8mudkinkaid

    SOLD Lx450 Radio, Amp and Changer

    Removed from 1996 LX450. I believe some of the lights were out on the radio when before I removed it. Otherwise all was working before removed. $50 plus the ride. Or pickup Bay Area, Ca.
  18. Jlanewrx

    Sub and amp with dual batteries....what one?

    I have a dual battery setup with the national luna kit. Im going to put a small amp and 10" sub in and Im not sure if i should hook it up to the house battery or the main starting one? any suggestions?
  19. Mike6158

    2000 LC factory amp wiring

    I'm looking for factory amp plugs with a little wiring on them. I want to build a test jig and see if I can fix my factory amp (if I can find it, I seem to have misplaced it. It's tough trying to figure what goes where when all I can see are the pins on the amp plug. If anyone has a set they...
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