1. phillyd162

    For Sale  Philadelphia, PA: Each or Set - 98 99 00 01 02 Lexus LX470 16" Chrome and Silver Wheels and Caps

    $265 OBO - Full set of (4) Wheels & Center Caps OR: $50 - Single Wheel $20 - Single Center Cap Mix & match, open to offers! Set of (4) OEM 16" Lexus LX470 Wheels, taken off my just purchased 2000 Lexus LX470. Great for spares, to refinish, etc. 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001 and 2002 style. Lexus...
  2. J

    For Sale  Aluminum 4-core radiator for 1982 BJ42

    $150 + shipping New never-installed 4-core aluminum radiator for 1982 BJ42 Fits 80-86 40 series - may have other applications
  3. M

    Aluminum Radiators

    I had the pleasure of replacing two radiators because of mishandling from mfg or delivery. I had holes in one and a hairline crack in the other. Now I'm looking at a new radiator from OzCoolingParts. Has anyone tried these guys? It looks good but only 2 reviews. BTW: I have a 2002 LX470.
  4. purdytj

    For Sale  SOLD: 2015 Livin' Lite Camplite 28BHS in Tacoma WA

    $33,000. Cash or cashier's check. We may be able to work out delivery within 12 hours of Tacoma, WA. Private message me if interested. We're trying to buy a house and need to sell our Camplite travel trailer. It is a 28' bunkhouse model with a slideout. We used it only about 10 times over the...
  5. workingdog

    For Sale  33" BFJ TA KO on aluminum wheels

    These tires have life left, but are old - at least 10 years old. The wheels are awesome, I've loved them. But I went to 37x17 tires.
  6. YSG2017

    Wanted  One Vintage ONE Vintage Aluminum Jackman-Style 15X8 6X5.5 8-Spoke Wheel in Good Cond.

    Finally found a terrific set of four of these wheels! Now I need one last matching wheel for the set for my spare tire on the back of my rig. Anybody know of where I can find just a single Aluminum Jackman-Style Vintage 8-Spoke wheel in the size 15X8" with 6X5.5" lugs? Looks like this (but...
  7. S

    Aluminum vs stock

    Is there any advantage to an aluminum radiator vs stock or oem? 3 core or 4 core? I am putting a new one in at time of my rebuild. Sticking with stock 6 cylinder engine. 1972 FJ40
  8. frankpepon

    Aluminum Radiator... Pros and Cons... Any recommendations?

    Hello there... Having issues with my current aftermarket radiator, so I'm thinking of going aluminum. Any information on Pros and Cons from those of you that have one installed.... Any suggestions on brands will be appreciated. Thanks,
  9. Spike Strip

    For Sale  Aluminum Fuel/Water Can holders 5gal (20 liter)

    ****SOLD**** A pair (two) of fuel or water-can holders for either 5 gal (20 liter) Scepter or Jerry can. Each holds two cans. These are no-rust Aluminum and are lockable. I bought these about 5 years ago from a MUD member and honestly can't remember if they were new or used. There doesn't...
  10. Matt1260

    Stock value: Aluminum vs. OEM Radiator

    Just wondering as I'm restoring this 74 if putting a new aluminum radiator in ($200) vs re-coring the OEM one ($400) would have a negative effect on the value?
  11. tpham32

    For Sale  $400 - Set of 4 97 FZJ80 aluminum alloys

    Like the title says. They've been sitting in my garage since taken off. I painted them black while they were in good condition so no rust or pitting. Located in Charlotte, NC. Prefer not too ship. They come with 35" Kuhmo Road Ventures with enough tread for a few thousand miles or as rollers...
  12. rghouse

    thinking about going Alum Rad-3FE

    Hi Mudders, I am thinking about swapping out my stock rad with an Aluminum radiator being that I still cannot solve my cooling issues (idling A/C on in heat) and am scared to take trips involving traffic (HW 80 is off limits now). Can I get some feed back from owners (especially those running...
  13. SuperTrooper808

    For Sale  FJ40 Aluminum Half Doors

    Selling my fj40 in hawaii but wanted to see if anyone wanted to snag these aluminum doors before I sell it. I can box them but shipping is gonna be around $100 most likely. Asking $500 obo. Doors only, no key or soft window. Aloha!
  14. BlackCat

    Mishimoto aluminum radiator....who runs one?

    Amazon has an all aluminum, lifetime warranty 3 row Mishimoto radiator. The kicker is it says it fits 1981-1990 FJ60's, but it also says it has a trans cooler for auto trans, which leads me to believe it will work for my 62. Somebody had previously asked a question if it would fit a 62 and the...
  15. bjowett

    Transmission pan - PML aluminum high capacity

    Th below pictured transmission pan is on its way to my place for testing on the Land Cruiser AB60F transmission. It is a prototype in the as cast finish. Fluid capacity has been increased by 3.25 quarts, so the total transmission circuit should hold almost 15 quarts total. How much cooler it...
  16. Prairie Swamp

    Toyota Aluminum V8 in a 40

    I'm not a FJ40 guy but I thought you might appreciate this. This guy is a phenomenal metal worker who restores old Jeeps including building complete bodies from scratch. At any rate he is starting a project to drop an aluminum Toyota marine V8 into a 40. 300 HP I think he said. In this...
  17. benc

    Dissent offroad aluminum 3rd swingout

    Hey guys, Wanted to gauge interest in a product I'm getting ready to realease. Hey guys, Many have seen my new aluminum ladder with 3rd swing out that's in development for the dissent rear bumper, I have had several ask me if it would be possible to adapt to other bumpers. If there is...
  18. benc

    Dissent offroad aluminum 3rd swingout.

    Hey guys, Many have seen my new aluminum ladder with 3rd swing out that's in development for the dissent rear bumper, I have had several ask me if it would be possible to adapt to other bumpers. If there is enough interest I could make different brackets so they could be bolted to other...
  19. cc93cruiser

    For Sale  Aluminum 1.5" Slee Front Coil spacers sold

    As title states... 1.5" front coil spacers made from billet aluminum from Slee.. These were used in their 5" first gen lift approx 10-15 yes ago... Bolts up to spring upper tower...100 bucks plus shipping
  20. e9999

    Welding Aluminum to Steel...

    so my wife hits something on the freeway with the Prius and there is rattling when the engine is on. I check under and sure enough the exhaust pipe is bent and split open. Long story but she finally goes to check an exhaust guy to see how much it would cost to fix it without going full OEM. (At...
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