ahc pump

  1. Dmi

    Wanted  100 series / LX470 - DEAD AHC pump

    Hi, I'm looking for a dead AHC pump assembly to track down parts/filters neccesaryto rebuild one. I found some info on Russian forums and wanted to create a little guide on how to do some preventative maintanance / rebuild if it's possible. I'll pay for the shipping.
  2. Trailguy

    SOLD  05 LX470 AHC Accumulator Globes (2 front, 2 rear) Texas, USA

    Two Front and two rear AHC accumulator globes from a fully working AHC system. Globes and tank include the attached sensors. I also have the KYB canister with sensors, fill tank, pump, and sensors. Prices are 150.00 each plus shipping. These items should also fit similar 100 Series Toyota Land...
  3. Z

    LX570 AHC pump filter

    Hello! I'm from Russia. I do not know English perfectly, so I apologize, I will use Google translator Google brought me to your forum. I hope to find help from you! I have a Lexus LX570 of 2010 I struggle with a jumping hydro suspension. I changed the liquid AHC 2 times. Did not help...
  4. J

    Request for video of ahc pump

    Hi could someone please send me a video of the ahc pump running with the outlet pipe open want to see how much force the fluid is supposed to come out with. Would be a massive help.
  5. KYLandy

    First Time Land Cruiser Owner

    Hello to everyone! I am new to the forum so I wanted to introduce myself and proved some background on my 2006 Land Cruiser. It needs some catchup maintenance and several repairs so I will need your help getting it back in shape. First of all, I bought the vehicle sight unseen (I have never...
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