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  1. ishore33

    AHC/AVS Advice

    OK - need some advice on how to proceed with the AVS/AHC on my new to me 2008 LX. I just purchased my LX a couple days ago, and before I did I had some concessions made in pricing due to apparent AVS/AHC leak. (It's a 2008 with 113k, full Lexus service history). Based on pulling the service...
  2. C

    LX570 Automatic Height Control Service AHC

    I appoligize if this is a duplicate post, but I searched for AHC and only found info on 100's not 200's. I also didnt see anything easliy identifiable in the FAQ's. Does anyone have a how to for the AHC fluid change / service that I first see requested at the 60K service interval? I am hoping...
  3. S

    AHC fluid out of stock nationally, any ideas where else to get?

    I just picked up a 2000lx470 and part of my baselining is flushing ahc and bringing NP back into range. I just called a toyota dealership and a lexus and both said they are part of a national backorder. I was able to find some at a lexus parts site but the hazardous material charge was higher...
  4. IceStorm

    AHC Adventures "Schock" replacement

    Hi everyone. Wonder if anyone out there has had these issues. Just removed the front shocks from my LC 100 (AHC). replaced the bushings in the shocks they where totally gone. While I was there I notice that one of my height sensors had literally broken off, Probably when jacking the car up. The...
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