I busted one of my AHC lines on my 07! Anyone have a used take off?

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Mar 9, 2022
Central Texas
Hey there!

With some guidance from users here and a friend, I was able to diag my AHC system and found the culprit. It’s one of the hoses that comes out of the shock. One of the users on here “MycoManiac” made a very nice offer and idea of sending one of his used take offs. But just in case he doesn’t have it for any reason (this is time sensitive cause I need to pass inspection asap) did anyone else keep their lines when converting to another suspension?

My last resort is to pull this line off and take it to a local hose man to rebuild..

Please see diagram, the hose I need is “Pressure Hose - Toyota (49162-60041)” the one on the front drivers side
The pic of the hose isn’t the exact one I need but to give an idea of what it looks like..

Thank you all a ton!!




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It‘s looking like the gentlemen that offered should have the right one! I’ll leave this up for diagrams and what not

Thanks yall!!

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