ac compressor

  1. M

    For Sale  Remanufactured AC 24 volt HJ61 and original complete stay HJ61

    I added my HJ61 with original AC from Toyota. in the years finding parts I had some parts double. the AC compressor is fully remanufacturd and tested by the Remanufacire company in England I have papers with that. It is the original ND compressor. with a modified adapter plate to have...
  2. ItsBavid

    AC Compressor Died. Need help with a parts list 97 LX

    Some of you saw last week that my AC compressor died and also took out my Speedo fuse on the way down to vacation. Now it's time to begin another project. Can someone provide me with a list of parts you recommend that I buy, along with the compressor, so that I can just take care of any...
  3. 4

    Recharging AC Help!

    My compressor recently seized up on me so I replaced compressor, condenser, drier, expansion valve, and all o-rings. I rented manifold set and vacuum pump and its holding a vacuum. When attempting to refill the low side pressure shoots up to 100-110 with the vehicle running. I couldn't get the...
  4. V

    Wanted  York 210 air compressor

    Well I've decided I want to do an Oba system for my 1996 fzj80 land cruiser and was wondering if anyone has a lead on a 210 york .local to southern California would be a huge plus.thanks
  5. DoubleNickels

    For Sale  FJ60 AC Compressor, Boise Idaho, $25 + Shipping

    Hello Mudders This AC compressor came off an early 80's FJ60. I pulled the engine from a trashed vehicle and can't speak to the compressor's function. It's heavy and bulky, would probably be at least $35 to ship (gut feel). Thanks for your interest! Regards Calvin
  6. ToRyota

    Wanted  24v HJ61 AC Compressor

    The AC compressor in my 24v 88' HJ61 has completely seized, and it's looking like I need to replace it. If you have one for sale, or know of a way to get one, please let me know! Thanks!
  7. pkfj60

    AC compressor death after dash fuse fried

    I recently purchased a 97 TLC in IN and was driving home to SC when the dash went totally dead. All gauges went out like I turned off the car. I figured it was the fuse, but decided to wait until I had to get gas to check it out. Well sure enough, as I exited the freeway about 30 min later, I...
  8. BGarcia88FJ62

    AC Compressor

    No AC in the Truck, No Plans to have AC. Compressor is just an Idler pulley as it is. If I disconnected the lines from the compressor and left them open am I asking for trouble? potentially seizing the compressor or would it be fine. :beer:
  9. prerunner84

    Wanted  Ac compressor 1993 80

    looking for a ac compressor used in good working condition. Thanks
  10. baldilocks

    For Sale  1993-80 series AC compressor and expansion valve

    I don't know if it works because the AC system had no refrigerant in it when I bought the vehicle and I replaced the entire system before recharging. $20 plus the ride or local pick up in Vacaville, CA.
  11. Aloha Jen

    AC compressor plug photos

    I need some help identifying the plug that fits into the AC compressor plug. I have an 1985 24v HJ60, so not too sure if it is different then the Fj60's compressor plug. Here are a few photos of the plug (with the blue and white tape) I'm referring to. And a close up of the connection...
  12. 350HJ75

    BJ73 AC compressor wire

    I Purchased by BJ73 with no AC compressor, sourced one today and installed it but was a bit baffled because there was no where to plug it in... the single wire to the clutch to activate it. Looking at the wiring diagram below this is what i am looking for, i think. I believe i have the VSV...
  13. psulick3

    AC Belt Tension w/ no tensioner?

    My '84 FJ60 with a stock 2F doesn't seem to have any way to tension the AC belt. It's passenger side, just below the power steering pump. I found a thread with some pics, but it did not match my set up. Anyone have any advice?
  14. Forerunner

    In Need of:: FJ60 AC Parts and Help

    Guys, I'm making some headway on bringing my '60 to life. She is in need of basically a whole new AC setup. Is there a vendor (here or otherwise) that sells new or rebuilt AC compressors, condensers, etc.?? Thanks for the help!
  15. peterb

    Wanted  To buy or rent an A/C Condenser for a 1990 HZJ-73

    Hello All I received my 1990 HZJ-73 when I returned from vacation on June 19th (a nice find in my driveway upon arriving home)! I got the A/C system charged and it worked great that evening but the refrigerant leaked out overnight. The tech found a corroded area in the corner of the condenser...
  16. sean2202

    couple a/c questions

    OK so my A/C has not worked since I bought my cruiser in December. Figuring I had a rear leak from reading other posts I tracked it down to two fittings that were cracked in the rear high pressure line by the rear axle. I found the post on the airsept repair but was wondering if anyone has ever...
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