1. CruiserCam

    Parting Out Seattle WA: 1995 FZJ80 White 80 Series with 1FZFE, Grey interior

    I bought this stock triple-locked 80 series as a doner for the axles for our HDJ80... so we're parting everything else. It has been a WA vehicle, so we liked the lack of rust on the undercarriage. And only 214,000mi. The 1FZFE has a hole in the bottom end and seized... so parting everything...
  2. B

    Wanted 95-97 fzj 80 locked

    Interested in a locked 80 95-97 cruiser or LX preferably 12k or less. Clean well maintained. I'm located in AZ so Southwest is preferred but may travel further for a good deal.
  3. ampline

    For Sale 1995-97 fzj80 grill

    for sale. 1995-1997 fzj80 grill. $125 plus shipping. Thanks.
  4. Cruiserdrew

    Wanted 80 series Driver Headlight 95-97

    Like the title says, need complete headlight. Closer to Northern California, the better!
  5. Kaninja

    Wanted 95-97 Rear Fender Flares

    Looking for rear fender flares both sides, both door and quarter panel pieces. Need to be not beoken and no rust on the metal bits. White is preferred but other colours will work. Let me know what you got.
  6. C

    Wanted LOCKED FZJ80 95-97

    I'm looking for a factory locked FJ80/ or LX450 with less than 200k miles, body must be nice with NO RUST!!! and a clean title. Willing to pay market price. NEED NOT APPLY -Rhino lined Rigs
  7. Goatcruiser

    Wanted WTB 95-97 80 Exhaust

    Need the full system if possible, without leaks. OEM or aftermarket, doesn't matter. Getting tired of the rotting and leaky unidentifiable aftermarket system the PO put on. I travel fairly frequently up and down the eastern states so pickup around there is possible. Thanks.
  8. stevezero

    Differences between 93-94 and 95-97 intakes and head?

    Hey guys, specially @cruiserdan and @beno, Are there any major differences between the 93-94 and 95-97 intakes, and any differences between the heads? I'm looking to put a 93-94 head on my 97, and wanted to see what was interchangeable, and what wouldnt play nicely. EGR will probably be...
  9. arcteryx

    Wanted 95-97 Stock Front Bumper

    Looking for a good stock front bumper. Scratches are fine as it will be painted but no dents please. Email me with pic and price.
  10. ginericLC

    For Sale 95-97 80 series and LX lower valance

  11. Lumpskie

    Wanted 95-97 Fender Flares

    I don't care about color or if they match. I'm just looking to get 4 fender flares in usable condition. Thanks,
  12. MDarius

    For Sale No affiliation. 95-97 white LC - SEEN IN Farmington, UT

    My friend saw this and sent me the pictures. He knows enough to operate a phone camera most of the time, so this is what I got. Asking $6,200.
  13. kbFJ60

    For Sale 95-97 front bumper

    Selling a complete front stock bumper in good condition no damage for a 95-97 FZJ80 cruiser. $200 obo.Located in San Jose CA.PM me if interested.Tnx
  14. G

    Wanted 95-97 FZJ80 injectors

    Looking for a couple or set of GOOD injectors for a 95-97 Please send me a PM if you have some. Thanks!! Matt
  15. KliersLC

    Wanted 95-97 Transmission/Transfer case Crossmember

    Hi Folks, I need to replace my crossmember as I have banged it on too many rocks and recently ripped the slee skid plate off, tearing several holes in it. I would prefer one that does not have any rust. Shipping will be to 23464 (Virginia Beach) unless you are on the 95 corridor between...
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