1. KZJ78Sasebo

    KZJ78 Electrical Issues

    Hello everyone, I have a 1994 KZJ78 (1KZ-TE) that I imported from when I was living in Japan. The truck recently started acting up ever since I got it back from the shipper. When the truck is running, something causes the whole electric systems to shut down. I can't roll down any windows...
  2. JoseR

    Install lx450 axle in hzj78, some problems

    Hi partners. I am installing the lx450 shaft in the lc78 chassis. But the front side control bar has little problem. LC80 (805mm) and LC78 (860mm) rods are too short. The actual measurement I need is approximately 930mm. Anyone know the length of the adjustable Panhard bar (max / min), not shown...
  3. cannedcruiser

    What Countries Were 45 and 47 Troopies Built and Sold?

    As the title says, I'm trying to nail down what countries around the world these Troopies were originally manufactured and originally sold. Anyone know of lists and sites identifying this? Also interested in the same info for 75 and 78 Troopies. Thanks.
  4. Mellim

    KZJ78 Front Brakes & Rotors (VIDEO)

    1996 Land Cruiser KJZ78 with electric hubs Replacing front brakes and rotors
  5. Ramey

    '78 (Re)wiring Advice (Kwik Wire 14)

    I'm attempting to sort out a few wiring issues - mainly no hazards, no high beams, etc. - on a '78 I bought a year ago from another member. Anybody tackle Kwik-Wire install in a 40? Would love diagrams, tips, sympathy, empathy, basically whatever I can get. The background: PO had a new...
  6. K

    Wanted  Advice on 78 FJ40

    Hi, I came across this 1978 FJ40 for sale locally and in the process of trying to do a little research discovered your forum and a wealth of Toyota FJ40 knowledge well above mine. I would appreciate it if any of you could take a look at the link below and let me know what you think about the...
  7. CHCP

    Wanted  78 FJ40 Brake/Clutch Bucket w/pedals (ME)

    Wanted: 78 FJ40 brake/clutch bucket with pedals in good condition. Would like to see photos before completed transaction. Shipping to 04426 Thanks, CHCP
  8. razorback06

    78 floor panel not complete

  9. FJ40 MATT

    For Sale  78 FJ40 Front Steel Doors in Great Shape in NJ Have NO Problem SHIPPiNG

    Selling a pair of 78 fj40 front steel doors off a truck I had. The doors are in nice shape and still have the factory brown paint under the awful purple rain paint job. The passenger side door is in great shape and had no rust or rot as you can see in the pictures. The driver side door is in...
  10. razorback06

    Wanted  78 hood and Bib

    I'm looking for a hood and front bib for a 78 model , thanks
  11. FJ40 MATT

    For Sale  78 FJ40 Front Steel Doors in Nice Shape in New Jersey

  12. alabamatacomaguy

    Wanted  78 front bib, hard top brace, coolant overflow

    I'm looking for a great condition front bib ready to be painted, no rust, 78 front bib. I picked up a great bib a few months ago but it turned out to be a 70-73 and it's slightly different in a few ways. From what I've ready 74-78 will be the same. Also I'm in need of at least the bracket...
  13. razorback06

    No power to fuel solenoid on 78

    hey guys trying to find where my no power issue is at , I have checked the fuse bank and all good , I've tried doing a conutinty test but the fuse bank is giving me a ok , but still no power at plug , I tried a jumper from battery to fuel solenoid and it did click , I've looked over the wiring...
  14. Dudleyfj40

    Red 78 tub, fenders, ambi doors.

    I had a local body shop contact me with a pretty decent 3/4 tub they pulled off a 78 FJ40. It has been bondoed in places, but for anyone with a bad rusty tub, you might be interested in this. Let me know.
  15. Jlyon

    78 fj intro

    secured my 1978 fj40 today. Brought it home to pa from south jersey, only 44k miles and less rust than I was expecting. Everything work as it should and I'm hoping to get if fixed up and painted by the end of the summer. Enjoy pics!
  16. EricATX

    78 FJ40 Clutch release fork - adjustment?

    I am reading the following in the FSM and I don't understand what is meant by "release fork tip play" "I have already adjusted the clutch pedal and now it says "Adjust the play at the release fork tip by loosening the lock nut, then either rotating the pushrod as the pushrod nut is held, or...
  17. peterkcc

    For Sale  78 hard top + doors needs work MO $450

    I just bought these off of Craigslist and decided to go another way. Just trying to recoup the money. The top and sides are for sure manageable with the amount of rust. The doors are bad. They will all probably need bottom skins. I was going to try to make the ambulance doors half doors with a...
  18. peterkcc

    For Sale  78 fj40 roll bar pads $100

    Pulled from a 78 fj40 roll bar. Pads are in great condition. $100 plus the ride Located in MO
  19. ZimFJ45

    78 Series troop carrier as a doner...

    Can anyone tell me if a 78 Series Troop carrier could work as a doner car for an 84FJ45 build? There is a 78 series accident damaged coming up on auction. Will the axles work or will they be too wide?
  20. Catfish28

    Wanted  portion of rear harness to side marker on 78

    looking for the wire that plugs into the rear harness and goes to the side marker. The one with the 2 wire white connector on one end and the green 2 wire connector on the other. Believe they were on the 78 plus FJ40's. Thanks.
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