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  1. F

    Help Buying 70 1PZ

    Hi guys, I have found a 92 70 series with a 1PZ in it with 150k miles. I"m looking for a 1FZ but those are impossible to find where I live. All 70s here are diesels. I plan on using my LC as a daily driver and some light offroading. I will add a bull bar, larger tires and a winch. Do you have...
  2. FloridaFJ80

    My BJ70 Evolved

    Greatings everyone! I have never ventured into the 70 series section until now. I have been on mud for a long time and have always had 80's until now. I recently sold my 80 series and acquired a 1985 BJ70 in the process. Rig was originally from Canada, until it came down to Atlanta where it was...
  3. LSDbrand

    Wanted FJ70 rear Full Float Axle with or without lockers

    Hello, im loking for a Toyota FF rear axle for my Toyota FJ73, I currently have the Semi float and want the full for a Locker conversion. thank you!
  4. joker77535

    In search of Roll Bar???

    Hey guys I recently picked up a 1988 BJ70 FRP from Japan. I'm running into a slight search problem and need some help. I'm trying to locate the rear roll bar to install rear seat belts. Any info would be greatly appreciated whether someone knows someone that has one they are trying to sell or...
  5. Gun Runner 5

    1990 HZJ77

    I have been searching for one of these for quite a while now and have on occasion considered "creative importing" to get my hands on one. Fortunately I decided to not pursue the quasi-criminal route and waited on them to become legal for import. This is the result of my patience and the...
  6. elkaholic

    Public Service Message - Check Your Nuts!

    At the risk of having the PO panic, I am posting this ... I was installing 1 1/4" spacers on the rear of my BJ74 today to match the spacers that are on the front of the truck. Install was going smoothly ... I was on the first spacer and had the tire back on with the lug nuts finger tight. I...
  7. broth9640

    70 Series official color code thread

    After searching I was unable to locate a thread where the color codes were posted all in one place. It seems there are a scattering of threads that address specific codes and colors, but nothing that could be deemed a resource for official codes and colors. As more of these vehicles age, the...
  8. Billyfj7312ht

    Builds Billy's excellent FJ73-12HT - resto-modded - n that

    G,day folks, My project started 18 months ago when I found a 1985 FJ73 Landcruiser in my drive way.
  9. OGBeno


    Hi All: Figured I would start a thread that chronicles 7x specific parts that are available through normal Toyota procurement lines here in the USA market. Obviously, we know that 7x series parts are available here as a fluke due to the suppport needed for the mining industry in North America...
  10. JohnnyC

    FAQ 70 series Factory Lit

    enjoy :)
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