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  1. Idaho Savage

    4x4 Labs Rear 60 Bumper Install How-To with Photos

    Hi All, Well I'm happy to finally be able to contribute something to the 60 forum. As some of you know, I was lucky enough to purchase my 62 from a fellow Mudder and it's been great. Shortly after purchasing the truck, I contacted Luke at 4x4 Labs and changed my order from a 100 series rear...
  2. tampacruiser95

    SOLD  Moving Soon: 1995 FZJ80 - Harrisburg PA

    I am selling my 1995 FZJ80. I love the truck and it has no issues, but I am trying to consolidate down to one vehicle that gets better gas mileage. I bought it stock from Ohio in OCT 2015 and shipped it to FL where I was living. Now I am living in Harrisburg, PA. Clean title and I have it in...
  3. tampacruiser95

    For Sale  DELETE

    I am selling my 1995 FZJ80. I love the truck and it has no issues, but I have too many vehicles and I am trying to consolidate down to one vehicle that has what I want. I bought it stock from Ohio in OCT 2015 and shipped it to FL where I was living. Now I am living in Harrisburg, PA. Clean title...
  4. J

    Wanted  Rear Expedition Bumper for 80 series- Bay Area CA

    Hello, Looking for a good used rear bumper with dual or single swing out for an LX450. Also in the market for a front expedition style bumper with winch capability. Thanks, Jon
  5. 9

    Wanted  Aftermarket rear bumper FJ100

    Hi forum, My cruiser has a damaged rear bumper. Instead of replacing with a factory, I am looking at some aftermarket options. If anyone is looking to upgrade or go back to stock, let me know what you have. I am also open to picking up a DIY weld kit if someone has one on their hands and wants...
  6. mjeckell

    4x4 labs rear tire carrier mod

    So I love my rear bumper set up made by Luke at 4x4 labs. I was getting a shake with the tire carrier left and right that was bothering me as I watched the tire in the rear view mirror. This was only at highway speed and at random times. I solved the issue with my high lift jack and was able to...
  7. nikramos

    4x4 Labs GX bumper

    Today I stopped by at 4x4 labs after picking up my 100 at Dissent Bumpers. Ben installed his sought after bumper, my snorkel and also sliders. Luke said that he already has a rear bumper for the GX that will start production so curios how it looked like. Well after going to his shop, I ended up...
  8. 1973Guppie

    For Sale  4x4 Labs Bumper Bike Rack Kit

    weldable kit, see here: Bike racks got this awhile ago from luke, comes with everything pictured. You need to have this welded up by someone and / or have a welder to put this together. $150 plus ship Noah
  9. ewillis

    4x4 Labs Owners Chime In...Single Vs. Dual Swingout?

    The time has come...going all in on a rear bumper and Labs is my choice. Looking at a rear bumper with tire carrier and 3 gas can configuration. The difference is about $50 between the single vs. double swingout. No biggie, and am thinking a single would be the way to go, but maybe I'm wrong...
  10. S

    For Sale  FJ40 4x4 Labs High crossover steering

    I changed my steering system and removed the 4x4 Labs high crossover steering system. This is their complete kit. Never took the vehicle off-road; only highway/road driving. Price $300 (not including shipping).
  11. Irish Reiver

    Flare End Caps

    Last week i installed my 4x4 Labs rear bumper. I went with the rear mud flaps but after 1 week i think they look hideous. I plan on removing them this weekend. I also binned the running boards as part of my remodel so now i am looking for a solution to make the flare look finished. A search...
  12. A

    4x4 labs bumper lead time?

    How long does 4x4 labs typically take to fabricate a rear bumper? I ordered the most basic version on December 28th and haven't heard anything at all since. I sent an email a while back with no response. Sent another one today and called but nobody answered. Thanks
  13. B

    For Sale  1989 Toyota Landcruiser HJ61 for Sale

    I keep getting an error message saying the file size is to big, to see photos go to 1989 Toyota Landcruiser HJ61 (diesel) I hate to sell my baby, but I have no choice - divorce is happening and I'd rather sell this (or die) then let my once significant other have a chance of taking this from...
  14. mrhustle23

    SOLD. Unopened 80 series, 4x4 Labs Rear Bumper

    I got the bumper about a year ago and never put it together and put it on my 80. Well, I sold my 80 a couple of months ago and the buyer wasn't interested in it. It is a dual swing out, tire carrier and 3 jerry can basket. Everything is still in their shipping boxes. I'm looking to get a $1200...
  15. newtomelx

    For Sale  4X4 labs ladder $200 , misc. Texas

    I have a new, professionally welded, fresh black powder coated rear 4X4 labs ladder with the sleeved rung but no hi-lift attachment, I will not be using this as I have bought a trailer and will not be having a roof rack, so I do not need. New this runs $375 I will take $250.00 + ride - very...
  16. C

    Sept 2016 4x4 Labs bumper group buy

    Dec UPDATE: SEPT 2016 GROUP BUY IS CLOSED - PLEASE START A NEW THREAD FOR ANOTHER GROUP BUY. Here's the deal - this group buy closes in a few weeks. Online order here: 4X4LABS Update: I discovered the pricing is not showing correctly on some configurations. I let 4x4labs know & they are...
  17. J

    4X4 Labs Rear Bumper License Plate Bracket

    I just put one of Luke's bumpers on my rig. Its a single swing arm opening on the PS and swinging to the DS. I have the spare set up on the DS. I have a license plate currently bolted directly to the swing arm, no other attachments on the PS. I don't like the look for the license plate, nor...
  18. Odyseuss

    Builds  2001 LX470 build LEGUSY

    I figured I would do a write up thread on my 100 series LX build. I recently acquired this 2001 LX470 in October from a good friend who had started the build off to a good start. I'm picking it up from there and moving on to build this vehicle to fit our needs to facilitate vehicle based...
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