1. J

    For Sale  FJ62 Front Axle - Complete Hub to Hub

    I have a complete FJ62 front axle for sale. It's been stored inside a heated polebarn for at least 10 years. I bought it from a friend a long time ago to put into a Samurai then sold it after college, moved away, and now in-laws are selling their house. Hubs move smoothly, everything is there...
  2. 88red

    Wanted  3rd member 4.11 for fj62

    Found one.
  3. GA Architect

    Wanted  (Thread Closed) FJ40 - 4.11 front Differential (Thread Closed)

    Looking for a good, used (1/74 - 12/78) FJ40 front axle 4.11 3rd Member. PM me about what you may have. Thanks!
  4. shmukster

    For Sale  4.10 third member from a 1990 FJ62 front axle in PA

    Selling a very nice 4.10 third member came from the front axle of an FJ62 that didn't look to have ever been wheeled. Good shape comes in a nice wooden carrying box. $125. Located northeast PA not far from I-80 and I-81. best to email me shmukter@pa.metrocast.net
  5. L

    Wanted  4.10 elocker 3rd

    Looking for one for my 2001 Tacoma Blew my ring gear 2 days ago preferably local
  6. GRM

    For Sale  Pair of 1971 FJ40 9.5" 4.10 gear differentials - 68k mile originals

    I have a pair of 68k mile 4.10 geared differentials from my 1971 FJ40. They are in great shape - but have been sitting for 39 years in the axle. Reason for selling is I Pulled them to install 3.70 Diffs. Asking $200 for the pair Located in Scotts Valley, CA
  7. half k cruiser

    Trade  4.10 w/elocker + cash for your 4.88 w/elocker

    Just thought I would throw this out there. I would like to jump up to 4.88's to deal with my extra weight and tires. Maybe somebody is switching back to 4.10's due to diesel swap or because they just felt like the 4.88's were too awesome. Willing to trade plus cash for your properly setup gears...
  8. D

    4.10 and 4.11

    I've read some of the other threads on this but can someone confirm the FZJ80 sometimes came with 4.11 ratios as well as 4.10 ratios. I was selling my 4.10 3rd members but a guy called me looking for 4.11. I guess I was just really surprised.
  9. mcguirejohnson

    Wanted  4.10 front R&P fzj80

    Looking for a good used low mileage front Ring & pinion out of an fzj80. Thanks
  10. bulhas

    Wanted  4.10 Ring and Pinion from an 80 series

    I am in the middle of my LS swap, not sure I want to keep my 5.29's So who have a set of ring and pinions lying around with the factory 4.10s theyd like to sell
  11. mike_az

    Wanted  4.11 (fj62 third member) Las Vegas, NV

    Looking for 4.11 third members. Also, have a set a perfectly functional 3.70 (fine spline) thirds (fj60) to trade/sell ($200). Thanks
  12. lorenzo816

    For Sale  80 series parts: links, driveshaft, sway bar, gears

    All of this came off a 1996 + 1997 FZJ80 full set of upper and lower links in good shape $100 + shipping rear driveshaft joints are good $75 + shipping I have two rear sway bars $40 a piece + shipping stock rear 4.10 9.5" R+P from FF disc axle $100 + shipping BEST OFFER CONSIDERED!! All...
  13. 4xsteve

    For Sale  OEM 4.10 gears

    I have a few used 4.10 ring and pinion sets I no longer need. I have at least two front sets from the 80 high-pinions, and I think two sets of rear Toyota V6 8", possibly three. $100 per set including shipping in the lower 48 from the Seattle, WA area.
  14. warsteiner05

    For Sale  FJ80 High Pinion third member, Front, 4.10 open, + Birfields!

    FRONT Third member pulled from a 1994 landcruiser 80 series, 4.10 open, gear wear pattern looks excellent! Also have inner axle shafts and outer birfields(without tone-rings for "ABS"), knuckles, spindles, steering arms, drive flanges, rotors. LOCATED IN GREENWOOD, SC, USA. High Pinion third...
  15. B

    For Sale  Ring and Pinion F&R sets from '97 80-series - OEM 4.11

    I upgraded my '97 80-series to 4.88 and have the factory 4.11 sets for sale. They appear to be in perfect condition -- vehicle had about 90K miles when they were removed, and was rarely used off-road. Toyota replacement 4.11 gears are extremely expensive, and I understand aftermarket is not...
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