40 series

  1. Hitoy4x4

    For Sale  Niagara, Ontario, Canada 1981 BJ42

    1981 BJ42 frame was sandblasted then hot dipped galvanized then painted and is in great condition. Gozzard fiberglass tub and fiberglass front fenders. Doors have some rust on them. New OME springs, new shackles and bushings. New brakes - drums, rotors, backing plates.. too many parts to list...
  2. massey66fj

    SOLD  Newberg Oregon FJ40 hardtop

    Fj40 hardtop in good shape. Fiberglass is solid and all glass is in perfect shape. It has a little rust in the corners but mounts up well. I do not have the rear ambulance doors. $1000 obo
  3. C

    Daily Drive 1980 HJ45 troopy Build

    I have a 1980 HJ45 RHD in Texas and I'll be posting pics and stuff as I go through it and build it up to a Cruising Machine. This is what she looked like when I went to pick her up and take her home. I got her up in Kansas City. I had been looking for one of these for a while and finally...
  4. SHREDwagon

    For Sale  Vanner 12/24v Battery Equalizer / Converter

    Vanner VANN-Gaurd 70-100M 100 Amp Battery Equalizer & Converter. Has ~20k kms on it and Made in USA. Spec's here. Last converter you will ever need. Retails for $800 US. Asking $500 + shipping.
  5. Dirtydog

    do hilux split rims fit a 40 series landcruiser?

    just purchased a set of hilux split rims without realising thinking they were landcruiser splits hah. anyone know if they’ll fit my hj47 troopy anyway!
  6. C

    Oil Pressure super high after oil change

    i have a 1980 RHD HJ45 with a 1H engine. I just got it and changed the oil, it had been running high before but after changing it went past the High mark. Any ideas whats happening?
  7. Big Daddy 69

    First diesel 40 series

    G’day, Just wondering what the first year was that you could get a diesel 40? Any help is greatly appreciacted!
  8. ScottMilk

    Anyone Make Gullwing Type Side Windows for 40 Series?

    So I was browsing Instagram earlier and saw this on one of those accounts that just post a bunch of camping/scenic photos from who knows who took them And it got me curious as to if that side flip up (I believe are called gullwing windows) is something custom or if this is made by...
  9. Only3bstock

    Bj42 Wiring loom Replacement

    Hey fellow 40 Lovers, Looking at having a 42 Harness replicated and trying to get a feel to see if they’d sell I guess, They would be direct plug and play and looking at how many owners might be interested in a compete loom. Hope to hear back in regards! #40lyfe
  10. 4060seriesnut

    For Sale  Dubai: LC 40/60/70 Series Parts - PAYPAL with Global Tracked Shipping! PRICE DROP!

    Hello! I'm selling JDM Spares for the 40, 60 & 70 Series Land Cruiser. These have been recently restored and serviced. 1) Land Cruiser 40 Series - 24V Radio: recently restored - $325 in MINT Condition! 86120-60040 #1 2) Land Cruiser 40 Series - 24V Radio: recently restored - $325 in MINT...
  11. 4060seriesnut

    For Sale  Dubai: FJ40 / BJ40 Parts for sale. Paypal Accepted! PRICE DROP!

    Hello guys! Selling the following after restoring a BJ40 here in Pakistan. The spares are now in Dubai, and will be shipped from here. I accept Paypal (and not the mysterious Western Union) and shipping is tracked and included in the asking price :) 1) 1 FJ40 (originally 70 Series, also...
  12. Kshennan

    SOLD  1982 FJ45 RHD

    Hi all, I'm heading off to graduate school and have decided to sell my FJ45 Land Cruiser. It is a 1982, in "breathe green". I purchased it from someone in North Carolina who told me it was originally from Indonesia, and made its way to Canada and then to North Carolina. I believe the frame may...
  13. D

    HJ45 Engine swap.

    G'day everyone, I have done the unthinkable, i sold my 1984 bj42..... .....but, i am hoping to starting up a troopy overlander rebuild. Currently i am considering a 1980 hj45. During the rebuild i would like to replace the engine and transmission, just to get a more economic drive (and keep...
  14. S.CarolinaFZJ80

    Wanted  Late model 40 rear seat belts

    Looking for the grey rear seat belts from a 1979+ 40 series. Please PM me or post up if you have a set to spare. Thank you!
  15. 83Lettie47

    Fairey Overdrive

    Hi there I just wanted to know other peoples knowledge on the topic I have two overdrive units but built into the transfer case and been trying to get one that sits on the back of the transfer case for a future build I have found a guy that has one but just wanted to know what those ones are...
  16. cruiserboy14

    Trade  60 for a 40

    I have been toying the idea of trying to find someone that wants to trade a fj40 for an 85 fj60. I’m located around Phoenix AZ. Please message me for details.
  17. ThePhoenix

    SOLD  .

  18. EgyptOffroad

    For Sale  NOS 40 Series Fog Lamps in original box Part # 81210 60010

    Hello, I have a few sets of NOS 40 Series Fog Lamps. Old stock forgotten for 40+ years. Fogs include bulbs. Price 160 $ for the pair of Fog Lamps including bulbs. I am located in Cairo, Egypt. Shipping costs will depend on buyers location.
  19. Z

    40 series cab onto a 61 sahara chassis?

    Ive been planning on putting a 12HT and 5spd into a HJ47, when I thaught of putting the 40 series body onto a sahara rolling chassis. So my question is can it be done and is it worth the hassle of moving all the cab mounts to fit and what other mods need to be made to make it all fit and run...
  20. I

    Definitive list of Colorado Land Cruiser Parts Dealers

    Went on an epic chase for some 8o series rims when an idiot put the wrong lugnuts on my existing rims causing them to become worthless when I had new tires put on. (yes, there are lugnuts that specifically fit different series) Wanted to share all the places that had used parts here in...
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