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  1. Rockymtnreaper

    SOLD  Socal h42f 4 speed transmission 1987 FJ60 38mm

    Hey guys, I upgraded to an H55F so I am selling my H42 38mm 4-speed trans with 220k miles on it. I can sell it with the shifter. $200 or shoot me a Dm if you are hurting and really need it. Always down to help someone out. Located in Big Bear Lake, CA -Tucker
  2. O

    Imported BJ-42, Worth the price tag????

    Good morning everyone, I wasn’t sure which section to post this in so I went for the one that gave me the warmest feeling, the Diesel section. 🤤 So basically i’m writing this post because I just recently met an individual who’s selling two (2) 1981 & 1982 BJ-42’s imported from Canada back in...
  3. AlexMoore91

    For Sale  Toyota FJ40 Parts & Tub

    (2) Front Doors: $350/pair (includes new inner panel, needs some work on rusty bottoms, includes key that works with lock, windows work) (5) Door hinges: **SOLD** (2) Barn Doors: **SOLD** (2) OEM Wheels (Never used): **SOLD** (2) Rusty Fenders: $100/pair (1) Ambulance Door (Rusty bottom): $100...
  4. wildling

    For Sale  SOLD- AZ FJ60 H42 4 Speed Transmission

    1985 “long” H42 transmission. Asking $450 or OBO. Transmission located in Tucson and I can personally deliver within the city or to Phoenix, if needed. Delivery would be included in price. Otherwise, buyer to pay shipping. Link to CL ad: FJ60 4 Speed Transmission 1985
  5. D

    For Sale  1976 fj40

    The time has come for me to part with my beloved 1976 Toyota fj40. I have driven it rarely, and never off road, despite its capabilities. It is a rare rust free specimen! Attention has been paid to every detail. Restoration has been thorough and many updates made to make it a pleasure to drive...
  6. M

    Help me decide which 100 series...Please

    Here’s my dilemma... My perfect LC/LX wasn’t made at the factory ;) or at least not available CONUS from what I’ve read. Heres some things I’d like: Apple CarPlay Head Unit Rear AC 5 speed transmission? ATRAC or locking rear diff How big of an improvement is the 5 speed vs 4 speed? How big...
  7. J

    Can a bj60 w/ a 4 speed manual take a H55 3B-T 1984

    The title says a lot looking for what sort of work scope it would be to put h55 in bj60 w 4 speed. Diesel 3b t. 1) Is this possible 2)What are the special "yea but you gotta..." type comments 3) what could be the max speed 4) where to find h55 tranny 5) special parts needed 6) skill level...
  8. Deep South Cruisers

    1972 F motor to 4 speed transfer case?

    Trying to help my friend that realized he had missing pieces from his rebuild that stopped him in his tracks. He's got a 1972 FJ40 and the F motor is rebuilt and he bought a 4 speed transmission to switch it over. WHAT transfer case will work with this setup and does anyone have one for sale...
  9. FJ40 MATT

    For Sale  FJ40 4 Speed Transmission & Transfer Case in New Jersey Have NO Problem SHIPPiNG

    Up for sale is the last 4 speed transmission and transfer case out of a fj40 thatS been garage kept since I've owned it. If you have any questions or want to stop by let me know. SOLD
  10. FJ40 MATT

    For Sale  FJ40 4 Speed Transmission & Transfer Case in New Jersey Will SHIP

    Up for sale is a 4 speed transmission and transfer case that I have had garage kept since I've owned it. If you have any questions or want to stop by let me know. I have no problem shipping the transmission. & transfer case. SOLD
  11. cruiserkreutz

    Is A Body Lift Necessary For A- 4 Speed Conversion?

    I'm planning on installing an H42 4 speed transmission and transfer case behind a 2f in my 1967 FJ45. I recently read a thread where someone did a similar swap into a 1966 FJ45 and had to add a 1" body lift for transmission tunnel clearance. Is a performing a body lift necessary for this...
  12. Cuda519

    4 speed

    So I have looked around the FAQ and tried to find out buy myself but I have not really found what I am looking for. I have a 72 fj40 with a chevy small block and the stock 3 speed I just traded for a 77 fj40 4 speed tranny I want to use my stock 3 speed transfer case and the 4 speed tranny what...
  13. NYIronPig

    Wanted  4 Speed Glove Box Shift Plate

    Swapping the 3-speed for a 4-speed in my FJ40. Want to also swap the glove box shift place for the one that matches the new trans. Anyone have one?
  14. KeepCruzin

    LC#6 : 1970 FJ40- 4speed swap, resto-mod

    Hey guys. I finally got one. Im going to try to keep this thread picture heavy with minimal text. Here we go: Finally got an FJ40. Shes a 1970, all original that has been sitting in a back yard since 1993. Going to run it on the ranch for a while. Potentially an engine swap down the road...
  15. FJ40 MATT

    For Sale  78 FJ40 4 Speed Transmission and Transfer Case for Sale in NJ

  16. stainless 40/45

    Wanted  sm420 and adapter plate to 4 speed bellhousing

    Looking for a good sm420 and adapter plate to 4 speed bellhousing Thanks James 631 873 6912
  17. 4

    For Sale  1975 Trans and tcase 4 speed

    I have for sale a 1975 4 speed trans and t case nice condition $400SOLD ebrake assembly with cable $100
  18. Ohthetrees

    Need favor from 4 speed owner

    Hello, I have a big favor to ask of some someone with a 4 speed transmission. I wonder if one of you could crawl under your truck when you happen to have your splash shield off and photograph and feel for the transmission breather. My breather is plastic and rotates/wiggles on it's horizontal...
  19. M

    For Sale  GM V8 Bell housing adaptor and Toyota H42 4 speed Trans

    I'm putting an NV4500 in my FJ40 and selling the old stuff. Everything worked perfect before pulled. Includes bell housing, 4 speed transmission, flywheel and clutch. Works on GM V6 & V8 engines to the Toyota Landcruiser FJ40 / FJ55 4 speed manual transmission. $650
  20. J

    For Sale  2F and 4 speed

    1982 2F and 4 speed transmission with only 123k on them. Running before I pulled it. Still has all smog systems. $1200 for the engine and $300 for the transmission OBO. I can put it on a pallet and it to a Fatenal for shipping. I have a video of it running I can email.
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