1. mrjordann

    How does a 4-speed compare to a 3-speed?

    Hi. My 73 FJ40 hangs at about 2700 RPM to go freeway speeds, and my carburetor doesn't like it. And neither do I. How do 4-speeds do on the freeway? About what RPM do you guys run at (if you have the original motor)? If anyone has had both, how do they compare? Is first gear lower on the...
  2. huminajumina

    For Sale  (WV/DC/MD) Tons of FJ40 parts, shifter,MCs, smog, PS pump.

    Hey guys, I hinted at all these parts in my --->> other listing <---.... I am busy with work, so I will try to check back often and respond as soon as i can. I'll ship the cheapest priority mail or whatever i can. Shipping cost will be added once I can get an accurate and cheap quote for you...
  3. KY Longhunter

    For Sale  3-Speed Clutch Fork, Pivot ball and Hub

    3-Speed Clutch Fork, Pivot ball and Hub $60 + shipping
  4. S

    64 fj45 3-speed shift linkage

    Hello from a new member here. Trying to put together a basket case fj and need some help with how the shift linkages connect. If anyone has some pictures it would be greatly appreciated
  5. Nixon481

    Wanted  Looking for oem direct 3-speed shift instruction plate for glove box door, Portland OR

    Anyone have an original direct 3 speed instruction plate that mounts to the glovebox door? I know reproductions exist but I'd like to keep it all original. Thanks.
  6. NYIronPig

    3-speed transmission swap to a 4-speed?

    I am looking to improve my rig by upgrading my stock 3-speed tranny. I have looked at the 5-speed option, but it gets very expensive with all that is needed. Have read a lot that the 4-speed makes the FJ40 a nicer daily driver. Besides getting the H41 4-speed transmission and bell house, what...
  7. crobow

    For Sale  70-74 3-Speed FJ40 Clutch kit, fork, bearing, flywheel

    70 - 74 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 -- Clutch Items • Cutch kit has < 20 miles on it • Flywheel since resurfacing < 20 miles on it • Clutch fork • Bearing hub with clips Short story is previous owner of my '77 FJ at some point installed a 3-speed in it. Clutch went out and I tried to replace what...
  8. DoubleNickels

    Before I throw this 3-speed away...

    Any parts I should save? Background: 1974 FJ55, came with three speed tranny and transfer. Swapped in a four speed tranny and transfer from a 1975 FJ55. Trying to make room in my yard and garage, so I'm thinking I'll take the three speed setup to the recyclers. Any parts you'd all recommend...
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