1. Chachi254

    Advice! Im considering buying a 1980 Toyota Truck for $5000

    Hello all! I’m a current FZJ80 owner and I’m in the process of acquiring a 1980 Toyota pickup from Oklahoma. I don’t know much about these trucks or the 3rd gen Toyota pickups in general and could use some advice and opinions about what I’m getting myself into! The seller is holding onto the...
  2. Dumpolina

    SOLD  1980 Mini truck (NM)

    $900 NOW HAS TITLE!! 1980 4wd short bed. Located in Albuquerque, New Mexico 20r supposedly ran when parked 5 to 8 years ago. No bed No radiator Drive train is complete but obviously condition is difficult to assess. It looks really good Interior rough, partially dismantled Cab seems pretty good...
  3. yotadude520

    20R - Coolant in oil; Head Gasket gone - advice?

    Morning mudders! I've got a 1980 Pickup with the 20R motor and on Saturday I drove it (Didn't go far, maybe a mile away) About halfway back to my house I noticed it had completely lost power. Couldn't get it to go above 35 mph in third gear and I limped it home. Once I got home I noticed there...
  4. 8

    Need help on 20R!!

    hi guys! New member here but really like Toyotas and really need help. I've tried using the search funct but can't seem to find anything. I've got a 1980 pickup with the 20R and the timing chain was going bad. I called a friend of mine who told me he knew how to do it and helped me replace it...
  5. Theidmet

    White smoke but not HG?

    Hey everyone. I have a 76 Toyota Chinook with a 20R, Weber Carb. (Just a Hilux with a glorified camper on the back.) It's had a habit of burning a little water. Occasionally threw a little white smoke, would get water droplets out of the rear, a bit more than I felt was normal but nothing...
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