1. N

    Swap the radio from a 2013 to a 2011?

    I have a 2011 200 Series and I hate the current radio. It has the nav unit with bluetooth, DVD and reverse camera. The screen is too dim and the Bluetooth won't link to my iPhone X. The audio turns off when you put it in reverse. How stupid is that! There is no Aux port in my LC either so I'd...
  2. gsi18867

    2011 Tundra for $15,500?

    Lurching around here from the 80 forums, need a little advice for dad. I have a 97 LC, 2013 4Runner. Between me and my father, we've owned 9 Toyotas ranging from camrys and highlanders to siennas and tundras. We're sold on the brand. On Tuesday, he hydroplaned off an interstate and totaled...
  3. yonah

    I've joined the club - 2011 LC (white/tan)

    My 2011's current state - this will be updated as I find time to very slowly modify and tinker with the truck to fit my needs: --- Quick links to completed modifications and doodads: Interior organization: BROG 100-series LC Attic (JAN/18) BROG MOLLE Visor Organizer (JAN/18) BROG Seat...
  4. 92RedToy

    ATF maintenance to a 2011 FJ Cruiser

    My FJ is a 2011, its about to hit 110K miles. It still runs like new and I want to keep it running that way. I want to change the ATF fluid but there isn't a dipstick to the transmission and I read according to Toyota these transmissions are sealed transmissions. I'm also seeing a lot of people...
  5. G

    2011 Cruiser Non-Nav- Never seen one before

    In my search for a new 200 series for my wife, I ran across this one. It's for sale in OH and looks like some kind of base model. No nav, no spoiler, no rear tv screen. I wish it were a better deal, but at $42.5k with 70k miles, the price is only fair. Either way, thought I would share it...
  6. M

    2011 Land cruiser is it worth it!

    Hi all. I have started looking at a 2011 land cruiser with 90000 miles on it. I haven't bought it yet and today I brought it to a mechanic I know, not a toyota guy. It is from Maine and been here its whole life, so rust is my biggest concern. It ran well and inside and outside it is in good...
  7. A

    Opinions on rust on 2011 200

    HI guys, I've lurked on this site for a long time, and I've found a a 1 owner 2011 with regular maintenance at a great price. The inside is really clean and the body appears to be in great shape. The only issue is that its located in Wisconsin. I asked for pics of the underbody, and this is...
  8. cruiser100

    New to me 2011 200 series - looking for recommendations on build...

    Just picked up this 2011 URJ200 due to my UZJ100 being totaled about a month ago: Looking to get started on mods and am looking for suggestions on suspension. The long term plan is ARB front and rear bumpers, so I'll need something that can handle the future weight load. would like adjustable...
  9. Suhaib

    Is it worth buying 2013 Lx570 instead of 2009 - 2011 model year

    I plan to upgrade to either lc 200 or lx 570. The price difference between 2013 and 2011(or 2010) model is significant. However, I dont see much difference in these two year except for minor exterior changes. I do like the tail lamp of 2011 over 2013 model year. I am wondering if it worth...
  10. S

    2011 LC - replacing the back up camera with a unit displays "lines"

    Has anyone successfully replaced the back up camera on a 2001 LC? This camera is useless for navigating into a parking slot without the indicator lines. I'm wondering if you can splice into the existing wires to power a replacement camera with the indicator lines? Any thoughts?? Thanks Shad O Matic
  11. H

    NEW 2011 Land cruiser LC200 owner

    Hi There everyone I just purchased a 2011 Toyota Land Cruiser with 80k miles Toyota certified for 38k. Do you think i got a good price for this vehicle. Next What mods do you anyone of you LC200 owners would recommend me doing. Thanks everyone for the feedback
  12. meatloaf

    For Sale 2011 Green FJC In Austin TX

    Selling my beloved fjc... only reason is that my 3 kids, now teenagers, no longer fit in the back. 2011 Green Toyota FJ Cruiser PM me with questions Thanms, ML
  13. OregonLC

    craigslist 2011 w/36k $41k in Spokane

    No affiliation. 2011 Lexus LX 570
  14. meatloaf

    Selling My 2011 FJC

    I selling my beloved 2011 FJ Cruiser. Only reason is that my 3 kids do not fit the the rear seat comfortably. 2011 Green Toyota FJ Cruiser PM me for more info... Price is negotiable. Luis
  15. G

    For Sale Gen 2 2011 bumper and factory fogs (North Carolina)

    Take off bumper from 2011. Timberland Mica (dark green) color with factory fogs. Removed to put on an ARB. $150
  16. grando

    Considering 2011 LX, anyone with a free carfax appreciated

    I am looking to buy a 2011 lx570 but wanted to see the carfax. If anyone has a free one to give it would be appreciated. Longtime 100 guy looking to move up to the 200! Thanks
  17. dukmon

    2011 Amazon Green Land Cruiser

    Noticed one on a car lot close to my office. Gave it a quick once over, looks very clean. Sharp truck. Asking $47,985.00 (room to work, I'd guess) and has 57k miles. If anyone is interested, I'm happy to run by and take a closer look. 2011 Toyota Land Cruiser Greenville SC 17265957
  18. John E Davies

    2011 200 for sale in Port Angeles WA, 7200 miles $66k!

    Can somebody please tell me how this can happen? If the pictures are current, it still has the shipping plastic covering the floor mats. The seats and console look brand new. Used 2011 Toyota Land Cruiser 5d Wagon For Sale | Port Angeles WA CARFAX Vehicle History Report for this 2011 TOYOTA...
  19. cwwfj60

    2011 Tundra SR5 Crew Max 4x4

    For Sale: 2011 Toyota Tundra SR5 Crew Max 4x4 - 5.7L Flex-Fuel - strong transmission with tow package. - 118k miles and running strong - regularly maintained - Full Stage 1 Icon suspension - Adjustable front coil-overs (set up at 1.5'' can go up to 3.5'') - 275/70/18 Mickey Thompson ATZ with...
  20. L

    Trade 2011 FJC for clean clean 80

    I am considering selling my clean stock '11 FJC 4wd and locked with ~88k miles for a super clean 80 or possible trade. If interested, shoot me a PM. I'm in TX/NM border and willing to go anywhere but rust belt.
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