1. Velogas

    For Sale  Tulsa, OK 2003 Lx470 trans for core/rebuild

    2003 trans $250 Shifts P-N-D but only runs through 3rd, unsure of final diagnosis. Codes : shift solenoid and pump pressure ? Truck still drives. Replacing with a used trans v/s repair/rebuild
  2. Steve B

    For Sale  Pine, CO: 2003 OEM Land Cruiser Alloy Wheels with Caps

    Hi, I have a set of 5 18" original OEM Alloy Wheels from my 2003 100 series Land Cruiser for sale. In good to very good condition with minimal dings, dents and rash. I also have 4 center caps available. The wheels are located in the foothills southwest of Denver. Willing to meet anywhere in...
  3. 1carnut

    Super Clean 2003 non/ARC or Higher Mileage 2006?

    I'm deep into my hunt for the perfect LC and have found two that are interesting. Both basically the same price and distance from my house so that all equals out. The 2003 is a super clean one owner, full toyota dealer history serviced and non-ARC car for sale at a Toyota dealer even. The 2006...
  4. J

    2003 Landcruiser for sale

    Nice land cruiser for sale. Check it out...2003, 278k miles, 2 owner. I bought it at 50k miles...dealership owner wife was 1st owner. All highway miles. It's in good shape. Call or text 662-803-0923. Located Starkville/Louisville MS...
  5. sigorama

    For Sale  2003 Toyota Land Cruiser, 166k miles, Slee Swing Out Bumper

    FOR SALE: 2003 Toyota Land Cruiser View 100+ pics and a test drive video here $16,750 VIN: JTEHT05J632045671 View 100+ pics and a test drive video here OVERVIEW This 2003 Land Cruiser is a daily driver. Great all around Cruiser for daily driving, family use, or trail riding. Just...
  6. J

    2003 UZJ100 A750F transmission dying?

    Hi all. I suspect my transmission is on the way out. :( I believe its the A750F 5-speed transmission. The vehicle is a 2003 Toyota Land cruiser GXL 4.7 V8 Auto UZJ100R with 230,000KM on the clock. I've only been driving the car for the last week or so, after purchasing it second hand 4 or so...
  7. Poupon

    For Sale  2003 Land Cruiser - Luxury Daily or Extreme Off Road

    2003 Land Cruiser for sale. Want to build a 2016 LC. What you see is what you get. $35,000 OBO. Rio Rancho New Mexico This link has more pictures. Link to Craigslist ad. Larry Britt Truck was just detailed and is in very clean condition. I do have the OEM carpet mats and 3rd row seats. All...
  8. C

    2003 LX 470

    Hi all, I've been searching for a truck for my dad for the past few months and finally picked up an LX 470 for my dad. It is a one owner California truck with no rust, and especially after seeing so many with rust, I picked it up right away. It has 130k with service done at 90k for right under...
  9. B

    For Sale  Grill Guard off a 2003 Landcruiser

    I took this off my 2003 Landcruiser and want to get rid of it. Make me an offer. Must pickup in Austin, TX
  10. O

    For Sale  2003 Tundra TRD 4WD 75,000 Original Miles. Richmond, VA

    The Good: All stock, 2003 Tundra with 75,000 original miles. This is a 2 owner vehicle that I found in Oregon and shipped here. I purchased it in 2012 with 33,000 miles. The first 10 years of the cars life was in Central Oregon, a desert climate which means that the frame is virtually rust free...
  11. benihana88

    Should I pull the trigger - 2003 LX470, 100k Miles, 18k

    Long time lurker, first time poster. I've been looking for a while for a 100 series. I finally found what i'm hoping is the right car, but I want some input on some of the issues found and any gotchas that I should look out for. The Truck - It's a 2003 out of New England with about 100k...
  12. V

    Sequoia 150a alternator direct swap on 2003 LX

    I bought the plug, wires, and pin to convert my 03 LX470 to the 03+ Sequoia pin-out, but was surprised to find that the alternator hooked right up to my stock wiring. It makes sense that Toyota didnt make more than one 4.7 electrically in 2003, but I was pleasantly surprised that I didnt have...
  13. B

    I think I'm in the owners club now! 2003 117k

    So, just went and looked at this today, made an offer, which was accepted. No money has changed hands yet though as the seller has a bank lien on the vehicle, so we set up a time we could meet at his bank. So, there is still some time for you guys to stop me if you think this is stupid :) And I...
  14. tedzap

    2003 Nav screen interchange?

    I am having a problem with my 2003 that is similar to the one common on the 2004+ models. Climate control is intermittent and the screen tells me to check the a/c connection. Although I may try the "pin 60 repair" I am looking around various salvage yards for a replacement screen. Can...
  15. Sceanzo

    For Sale  2003 Lexus LX 470 (NC)

    2003 Lexus LX470 for sale. 187,489 miles. It will increase slowly as I drive it to work. I bought this truck with the intention of building a nice overland Cruiser/daily driver. However I have not succeeded. I have the opportunity to purchase a vehicle from a family member that I have been...
  16. O

    2003 UZJ 100 Clunk from center differential

    Hello all and greetings from Turkey ! I am new in here and this is the my first post.My problem is that: I have 2003 Uzj 100 4.7 lt. automatic transmission and when driving usually 2nd and 3rd gear I am taking foot off from the pedal and then accelerating again, I can both hear and feel a...
  17. DHT4L

    Trade  (WA) 2003 Toyota MR2 Spyder for Tacoma

    Looking to Trade my 2003 Toyota MR2 Spyder for a 2002-04 4 door Tacoma 4x4. The MR2 has a TRD front and Rear strut bar, Tokico adjustable shock, Eibach springs, HKS exhaust, Corky breast plate, Enkie wheels with Yokohama S-Drive tires, factory Toyota OEM hardtop. Kenwood deck. It's in excellent...
  18. V

    2003 LX trailer/towing battery wiring trouble

    Hey all, I've been searching and googling this all weekend, so if this is in any way obvious, I apologize, but... I've blown some "fuse" in my 2003 LX470 that supplies +12v to the trailer battery lead on my factory 7-pin towing receptacle. Background: I have a camping utility trailer that I...
  19. Fireguy615

    craigslist  No affiliation, PNW 2003 with a good price on it?

    Came across this while bumping around. Price looks OK on it?? 2003 Toyota Land Cruiser 4X4
  20. S

    For Sale  2003 Imperial Jade Mica LC - Overland Built - 169k Austin, TX

    SOLD Highlights: 2003 Toyota Land Cruiser Imperial Jade Mica Tan Interior 169k Miles (will go up slightly as I continue to drive it) 4th owner RUST FREE ARB Air Locker Ready! First year of the 5 speed transmission and stronger front differential! Maintenance History: I have two...
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