1. Luckyunderwear

    For Sale 1993 Toyota Hiace 4WD Diesel $13k

    Thought I’d see if anyone here is interested in vehicle. This is a 1993 Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) Toyota Hiace van. I imported this from Japan and I'm the first US owner. It it legally titled and has a brand new USA VIN issued to it. This was not an easy process but it's all ready to...
  2. Francis A

    1kz-te oscillating power

    Need help with my 1kz-te 78. Whenever i floor it, the engine's power oscillates. It wont reach above 3000rpm. Had it dynoed and only had 56rwhp and 280nm of torque. Had the injection pump serviced thinkjng that it would fix the issue but it hasnt. New injector nozzles also. We lifted it through...
  3. Workhorse

    For Sale 1995-2002 Hilux/Prado Air Filters-Price update!

    I have qty. 2 1995-2002 Hilux or Prado (1KZ-TE) air filters for sale. Brand new, never used. I am selling these due to no longer having a vehicle they fit. I am not sure of other models these might fit, so do your research if you think they might. These are available for about $40/each without...
  4. Francis A

    1kz-te sudden rpm drop power drop

    hi. i currently own a kz78. i just noticed today that my rpm suddenly drops when i accelerate. i think its not a tach problem because i can feel sudden power loss. when i take my foot of the pedal and step on it again power resumes again. it feels like its running out of diesel when it happnes...
  5. 96TrailSurfer

    3rd Gen Surf Manual Swap Questions

    The A340F A/T in my KZN-185 is on the fritz, so I am thinking of doing a manual swap. There are a lot of write-ups for doing that on a 3rd gen 4runner, but I haven't yet found anything comprehensive for doing this on a Surf. The first, threshold question I am trying to figure out is can I mate...
  6. 96TrailSurfer

    1KZ breather question

    For the techies, can someone explain why the 1/2” breather tube on the 1KZ vents to the turbo inlet, rather than to the intake manifold (post IC) like the EGR. What’s the benefit of compressing the blow-by gasses, gumming up the turbo and the intake? My theory is that this facilitate gas...
  7. 96TrailSurfer

    1KZ-TE PCV Valve

    Can anyone post p/n for the PCV valve on 1KZ-TE? I am likely going to do the breather mod with 12229-54070 (Toyota 4WD Surf Owners • View topic - Toyota fix for oil consumtion and oil in air ducts), but I want to replace the PCV valve at the same time.
  8. S

    I'm New Here! 1994 LJ78 1KZ-TE 3.0 RHD

    New to the forum, new to Cruisers, new to vehicles that sometimes don't work! Also the genius who bought a Prado project as a daily driver :) What's done? Head gaskets, water pump, muffler, custom exhaust, fresh filters everywhere, miscellaneous belts and bolts. She still needs an injector...
  9. anothernord

    SOLD : 1KZ-TE TURBODIESEL 2001 Tacoma Xtracab TRD 4x4

    SOLD!! For sale is my 2001 Taco, with a 100% rebuilt 1KZ-TE swapped. Had a change in my financial situation and would like to gauge interest. Please contact me if you're interested. I can provide more pictures. Read my diesel swap build thread here: anothernord's JDM 1KZ-TE diesel swap...
  10. anothernord

    Completed 1KZ-TE swap into 2001 Tacoma

    Hi all, I though I'd share my build thread over here with the Mudders. Full build thread here: anothernord's JDM 1KZ-TE diesel swap (2001 Tacoma 3.4) I've always thought it would be cool to have a small displacement diesel in my truck. So I decided to do it. Diesel Toys charges $20,000 for...
  11. CaptainAussum

    Events/Trails 1969 FJ40 w/ Turbo Diesel + AWD... and Other Stuff

    OK, here goes the build thread of my 1969 FJ40 restomod! Like most people, I’ve been lurking on Mud for a while, but I’ve decided it’s about time I start contributing. By no means am I an expert in anything, just a self-taught average Joe with a welder and an angle grinder. I honestly didn’t...
  12. holujavi

    For Sale 1995 Land Cruiser Prado SX Wide - KZJ78 1KE-TE 3.0 Turbo Diesel RHD

    It has been imported and is currently in Penticton BC. We have owned this vehicle while living in Japan and was sourced for us by Toyota dealership’s owner- who was a good friend. He went out of his way to search for the best car he could find for us, with specifications regarding the condition...
  13. C

    12v or 24

    Hi everyone, Noob question here but is there a way I could tell from a picture or vin if my hilux surf is 12v or 24v? its got 2 batteries but I don't know what it is yet, I'm going to pick it up on the 24th and haven't seen it but want to know which voltage it is before getting there if...
  14. 96TrailSurfer

    Transmission Temp Sensor Install - Advice on Two Options

    People with 4Runners/Prados/Surfs who have a transmission temp gauge, I have a question for you. I've been doing my research for how to install the temp sender on my 96 Surf ((1KZ), and narrowed it down to two options: 1. The ATF cooler pipe that runs to the rad is connected to the outlet port...
  15. V

    KZJ78 Fuel Pump- Electronic to Manual Conversion?

    I have a 1996 Prado JDM- 3.0L 1KZTE. The ECU recently conked out (89661-60250) and it's proving hard to track down a spare. I have read in some forums that it is possible to convert the electronic fuel pump to manual on this truck. I know that it would be an involved job, and admittedly above my...
  16. C

    Gen 3 hilux surf info

    Hey I hate to bring up old threads but I haven't found any information on the gen 3 hilux surfs. Im thinking about getting a 1996 toyota hilux surf as the next vehicle, hoping to get the diesel the 1KZ-TE motor. I am just wondering if there are any common problems or maintenance problems i...
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