1. Vitek

    Repro 1H D-T/D-FT/Z/Z-T engine decals interest

    Hi As I faced recently how hard is either to get or have them decently priced, I contacted a friend who runs an industrial print company. They can print the different engine decals on high quality heat resistant matterials and price can be quite okay if a I make a larged order. I provide them...
  2. Willis

    SOLD Bend, OR: 1992 HZJ75 Turbo-1HZ Pop-Top Landcruiser w/buildout

    I am listing this for an acquaintance/customer who is paying me a couple hundred bucks and probably a steak dinner so please don't come at me with too many silly questions 😅 He is asking $48,000 OBO This is a complete troopy with almost every add on you'd ever want to do, half the price of...
  3. Dunkane

    1HZ rebuilt in 1HZ-T - Engine australia pistons - HZJ74

    here are the pictures, of a complete 1HZ - year 2000 (new block of a hzj74) , rebuilt with 1HZ-T pistons by Engine australia https://photos.app.goo.gl/52pv99pah46T4Yzt5 soon , installed in engine bay with a 3" complete home made stainless exhaust line
  4. davegonz

    SOLD Austin, TX: 1HZ-T Diesel Powered 1987 FJ60 Land Cruiser

    I am selling my ultra cool 1HZ-T powered 1987 FJ60 because my buddy is selling sweet 80 diesel and I want it. Highlights: 1HZ engine out of a low miles 1990 HZJ73. This engine is still produced by Toyota and parts are easily available. H55F five speed with new seals. New Toyota boost...
  5. C

    LC105 1HZ-T to continue or not....

    December 1, 2016 Dear All, I am the 4th owner of a recently acquired LC 105 unit in the Philippines of which the seller has no idea except that its a turbo intercooler diesel and indeed it had a front mount intercooler and a 1hd-t CT26 Turbo! So to cut the story short, when I drove it on the...
  6. my67nova

    1HZ-T what Toyota transmission is the strongest

    I can't find any torque capacity specs on Toyota 5 speeds. So my question is; "what is the most bullet proof Toyota 5 speed transmission to put in a 60"?
  7. my67nova

    1HZ-T exhaust

    Does anyone have pictures of a 3" turbo back exhaust in a 60? Can it go inside the frame rails?
  8. my67nova

    1HZ-T exhaust routing

    Does anyone have pictures of a 3" turbo back exhaust?
  9. Leitrum3

    For Sale Disassembled 1HZ Engine (w/ turbo)

    UPDATE: See most current post, this is no longer a part-out, it's a mostly complete engine! Some details changed below to reflect this. After a lot of work (and a lot of struggling), I am parting out selling my 1HZ. The history on the engine is fairly well documented in here...
  10. serenity

    How to: 1HZ CT26 turbo install

    Hi guys, thought I would document my CT26 turbo install on my 1994 HZJ80 for anyone who is interested. Here is the cruiser. I picked up a complete 1hd-t turbo setup for a bargain price. Also got the factory air box and pre turbo intake piping. Genuine parts purchased for the swap: Water...
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