1. Toler

    For Sale  PS Sanden Compressor Bracket for 1F Engine

    Greetings all, Just bought am A/C system from Old Air and need to source a passenger side mounted bracket for my Sanden Compressor. Searched the forum with spotty results - thought I'd ask for guidance from the community. Thanks in advance for any assistance with this.
  2. mrjordann

    For Sale  Who needs a 1F valve cover gasket?

    I switched over to a 2F valve cover and no longer need this brand new gasket. Anybody want it? I'm also gonna buy a side lifter panel gasket and oil pan gasket if someone wants to trade. Thanks!
  3. fj302

    For Sale  PA F engine + 4 speed trans + transfer case

    F155 engine last ran 5 years ago sitting in storage shed. I just hooked a battery to it turns over and oil looks clean. New plugs. $500 4 speed trans and transfer case $350 Scranton Pa
  4. mrjordann

    What color should I paint my 73 F engine?

    Hi, I am rebuilding my truck's original F engine from may of 1973. I know the "F.5" engine came out in 1973, but mine is a May model so it should have the older engine. What color did these come from the factory? I have no idea what color to paint this thing, so I am thinking I will just do...
  5. M

    Knock Knock? Broken Timing Gear

    Howdy all. I was recently driving in my 1973 FJ40 On the freeway when I heard a knock. I promptly shut the motor off. Got it home started tearing stuff apart and got the timing gear cover off and noticed a broken timing gear. The crank gear easily was spinning against the bare spot on the...
  6. Matt1260

    1F alternator bolt size?

    Anyone have the alternator mounting bolt size from the F engine handy? I'm guessing M10 x 120mm
  7. Krondor

    Wanted  Early 1F Press on Crank Pulley Harmonic Balancer

    Hello, Being the Idiot that I am, I bent my crank pulley using the incorrect pulley puller. Looking for a press on Crank Pulley for a 1F engine that is a press on without a nut. From SC and willing to pay for shipping. Cheers.
  8. 1966FJ40

    Wanted  Looking to buy alignment sleeves for a early Siamese Port 1F

    Hello I'm looking to buy the alignment sleeves for a early Siamese port intake manifold
  9. 1966FJ40

    Help needed looking for the rings that go into a early 1F Siamese ports

    Hello I'm looking for the small rings that go into a Siamese port intake manifold for a 1966 FJ40!
  10. 1966FJ40

    Wanted  Help needed! Looking for the rings that go into the intake manifold for a early 1F engine!

    Hello I'm to buy the rings that go into the intake manifold for a early Siamese port intake! Please let me know if you have any for sale or can recommend me somewhere!
  11. Jdc1

    Trade  New, Never Used JT Outfitters Tri Y header for Late 1F Exhaust Manifold

    Looking to trade new never used header for an operational later 1F exhaust manifold in good shape. I had the header sandblasted and then painted with VHT header paint. Exhaust flange included. I'll pay shipping from Akron, OH on the header, you pay shipping on the manifold.
  12. chubbybunny

    Wanted  1F FJ40 Headers

    Looking for headers for the FJ40, (1970). Shoot me a PM if youve got a set laying around. They don't have to be pretty!
  13. David Hollenback

    f2 to 1f

    Alright guys, as you know my 2f engine with 80,000 miles died due to oil leak. I was holding out for another 2f as you guys said however, I have a dilemma. I was just given a 1968 fj40 (entire truck) and paid $400 for entire thing. Engine is great, frame is shot and tub is shot. I know you all...
  14. Jdc1

    Wanted  1F Exhaust Manifold

    Looking for clean, functioning 1F exhaust manifold. Thanks, Jesse
  15. fcgadget

    For Sale  1F engine block

    free bought it in 'working order when pulled'. Could not get it going. Gave up and got a 2F, put the exterior stuff from the 1F on the 2F. My stupidity, was probably only a coil issue. Pan may leak... GONE
  16. T

    FREE  Portland or Free 1F 64' motor w/crack in block

    Free 1F motor out of a 64' Fj40. Come take it before it goes to scrap. Take the bell housing too. Also have other Fj40 stuff taking up space. Converting to sbc.
  17. O

    Freeze plugs for a 1973 1F

    Good Morning every one I'm ready to replace the freeze plug but I buffle with the plug on the right and I need your help. The plug on the left I will be replacing but the one on the right is the one I have no idea what to do it looks to me that some one has filled with lead? or maybe this...
  18. Matt1260

    Trade  Two 1F engines

    Hello I am procuring an FJ40 and two 1F engines. One is a SOR rebuilt engine, and the other is the old one with 60k miles that needs some lower end work, but works. I am looking to sell/trade both these 1F engines for a rebuilt 2F. 1f engine by Matt1260 posted Feb 5, 2017 at 6:58 PM1F engine...
  19. rkymtnflyfisher

    SOLD  1F air cleaner (MD) ***SOLD***

    Went a different way with my build, won't be needing this. I media blasted it, primed and painted black last winter. One stud is broken from the can where it mounts. Located in western MD, $125 plus the ride. Pics coming soon, I'm having problems loading from my phone.
  20. FeralOne

    ID my distributor 1F or 2?

    Mudsters, Kindly help me figure out what distributor is residing in my 1974 FJ40 (1F engine #F572287) see images below. I stupidly assumed it is a 1F dizzy since it's a 1F motor, but the JTO Mel's electronic ignition plate does not fit, so I'm guessing the diz is a 2F. The second photo shows...
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