1. O

    For Sale  CA car, 1988 Land Cruiser Fj62

    Hi guys, I thought this might be a good place to spread the word on an awesome Land Cruiser we have here. I have been interested in these cars for a long time, and it is nice to see them appreciating. My dad has a 100-Series with almost 300k on it, and even that thing is still holding decent...
  2. TheElegantFox

    Just picked up an 88 FJ62!

    Just picked up an 88 FJ62 as my new DD/project with just 220k on the clock. It’s a rust free Texas chassis, but it’ll need some dent repair and a repaint. I’m lurking the restoration threads to get an idea of the ballpark costs, but any insight would be appreciated. I’m in the Raleigh area and...
  3. cruiserjunktion

    For Sale  Fj62 transfer case 1988

    Good used 38mm vac controlled transfer case from a 88 Fj62. 210k. Ships from 32609. Case must be disassembled for removal/ shipping. $350. Buyer pays actual ups shipping or can provide a shipping label.
  4. cruiserjunktion

    For Sale  1988 Fj62 3fe North Florida 32609

    Complete minus power steering pump and bracket. (Sold) Includes engine harness. Dash harness and ecu also available. Buyer makes freight arrangements (uship) or local pickup 32609. $1000
  5. 60wgnadvntrs

    SOLD  '88 FJ62 Boise Idaho

    $5,000 220,000 miles *Transmission Pump went out selling as is. This rig would be a prime candidate for anyone wanting to do the H55 five-speed swap. The 3FE + H55 combo increases torque and gives a little more life to the inline 6. About the Rest of the vehicle. Body: -A beautiful blue paint...
  6. hogape2

    For Sale  ***sold*** 1988 fj62 eastern nc v8 swap

    88 fj62 v8 swap 5.3 chevy vortec, 4L60e trans, thumpr cam, headers, true duals, flowmaster mufflers, ome heavy suspension, front winch bumper with engo 9000# winch. truck has 263k miles, engine swap / suspension / winch bumper done summer 2017 engine was rebuilt at swap and has 21k miles...
  7. hogape2

    FREE  delete

  8. Houston88

    For Sale  88 FJ62 in Houston 267K miles

    1988 FJ62 with about 267,000 miles. Looking to get $7000. Houston, Texas Pros Rust free Straight Engine runs great Has AC that blows well, just not cold at the moment Garage parked for most of the time Cons Transmission is shot Has some oil leaks One crack in the dash Driver's seat has the...
  9. Octave Zangs

    SOLD  1988 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ62 - Only 116k Miles (OR)

    UPDATE: Indeed as @Mookies suggested my truck's odometer seems to have been rollbacked at some point in the 90's. I wish I had checked Carfax earlier but as I truly like this community I want to be as honest as possible. So now I can just say that the mileage is unknown but the truck feels like...
  10. FJ Junkie

    1988 FJ62 Manual vs Electric Options

    I want an FJ62 with an auto transmission but manual windows, door locks, and mirrors. From what I’ve read, of the 88, 89, and 90 62’s, only the 88’s came with the option of manual vs electric windows, door locks, and mirrors. 89 and 90’s were electric only; no manual option. Has anyone ever...
  11. Frkens

    Advice needed on high altitude driving Atitude

    Hey fellas! I'm driving through Southamerica at the moment, and there is a mountain I want to climb. However the trailhead starts at 4600 metres. This means I have to drive up there in my 1988, FJ62, with a 3FE engine. Engine is in pretty good condition and we've had no breakdowns in the past...
  12. Boshemson

    Wanted  FJ62 Dash Blank Below Radio

    Hello, I am looking for someone willing to sell me a dash blank for an FJ62. This is the larger blank that is below the radio and to the right of the heater controls. It measures about 2.25"x3.25". I would prefer it to be gray but would be fine with any other color as well. Thanks from the...
  13. 1988sr5

    For Sale  CLEAN 1988 SR5 SAS Truck

    This is a rare and unique, Un-restored) Toyota Truck that is in amazing condition and turns heads. Spent most of it's time in Southern California and South West dry Utah. 1988 is the last year of this body style and the first year of this 3.0ltr V6 engine. This truck has certain factory options...
  14. 1988sr5

    For Sale  Toyota Truck 1988sr5

    This is a rare and unique Toyota (Pre-Tacoma) Truck that is in amazing condition and turns heads. Spent most of it's time in Southern California and South West dry Utah. 1988 is the last year of this body style and the first year of this 3.0ltr V6 engine. This truck has certain factory options...
  15. aj88

    For Sale  1988 Turbo Diesel LC right hand drive $16500

    I am selling my 1988 Turbo diesel Toyota Land Cruiser. This truck has been absolutely awesome for me. The truck is a 4.0 Toyota factory diesel with only 176k miles. The truck has a full Australian Old Man Emu suspension and lift kit and manual locking hubs. The truck is currently wearing 33 x...
  16. Krow

    For Sale  1988 FJ62

    Hey guys, I am currently selling my FJ62 to make room for my newly acquired FJ55 (priorities....). I was lucky enough to have my rig accepted and posted on Bring a Trailer for auction. I will attach a photo or two, but if interested, please follow the link to the ad. If you have any questions at...
  17. ace10

    For Sale  1988 Pickup V6, 4X4, 5 Speed. Not mine.

    ****No Affiliation**** 1988 Pickup V6, 4X4, 5 Speed Arizona, appears to be totally rust free 49K Miles This truck might fetch a couple of bucks :popcorn: 1988 Toyota 4x4 Pickup 5-Speed .
  18. chrisspaulding

    For Sale  Parting out 1988 LHD BJ73

    Parting out a 1988 BJ73. 3B motor and H55F transmission with 352,100KMS (218,784 miles). Rear doors had tops cut off by previous owner.
  19. J

    1988 Toyota Blizzard Wagon

    I bought this Toyota Blizzard Wagon with a 4 cylinder turbo powered diesel are there any other Blizzard owners out here?
  20. S

    For Sale  1988 FJ62

    I am selling my '88 62. It has been my daily driver for 10 plus years. Automatic. 207,544 miles. Had a new alternator put on in November. Master brake cylinder about 2 years ago. No major rust issues. Some surface rust and slight body damage. Undercarriage is fine. Engine and tranny are fine...
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