1. C

    For Sale  1970 FJ40 w/350 LT4, AT, lifted $22k

    1970 Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser Asking $22,000 VIN: FJ4071163 Engine: LT4 - from '97 Chevy Transmission: Automatic - 4L60E Miles: TMU (shows ~3k) - It is my understanding that there has been roughly 3k miles since the build Title: Clear, in my name Original body and chassis (Frame up resto)...
  2. F

    FJ40 1970 RHD Bench Seat with Toolbox

    I'm trying to bring my 1970 FJ40 back to original as much as possible and one of the issues I have is the front bench seat with the toolbox underneath. The FJ40 is a right hand drive model (Australia) and has the bench seat on the left, not on the right as is the case with US models. When I...
  3. swamp-thing

    Parting Out  1970 FJ40 FRAME

    This March 1970 FJ40 frame came with a project and will not be utilized. I'm not a frame expert by any stretch, but from what I can tell it looks like a great frame, solid everywhere with some light orange surface rust. Selling whole as it sits, or I can part this frame out if someone wants...
  4. Awk338

    Wanted  Drivers door 1970

    Looking for a solid,no rust, no cracks at hinges drivers door for my 55. If your not willing to ship or if you decide after we make a deal that you can get more money please DO NOT contact me. Thanks Tony
  5. JD Films

    For Sale  FJ55 radiator, might be 1970

    I don't need the stock radiator and I'm assuming this is a 1970 but not sure since there is a 1976 2F engine sitting in my pig (which will also be up for sale eventually). Make offer. I could ship but it's heavy so it probably won't be cheap... It could definitely use some love from a...
  6. espensen

    1970 FJ40 carb? trouble

    Hi! I'm new here on mud, hopefully someone understand me, my English is not very good. But we'll try, i'm from norway btw. I have bought a FJ40 resto project for ca 2 years ago. Now i'm trying to start the engine. I have rebuilt the carburetor with a carb kit from sor, new fuel lines, filter...
  7. murphy744

    Opinions on this 1970

    I'm on the hunt for a 40. This one is in GA, has a 2f, 4spd, front disk. Owner said he would take $7k. He has a set of barn doors, and patch panels for the corners. Seats are not stock, no jump seats, roll bar is not stock.
  8. cims1970fj40

    For Sale  1970 FJ40

    I have a 1970 FJ40 for sale in Atlanta,Ga area. It has a 2f motor with a 4speed transmission hookup to a 3speed transfer case. It also has front disc brakes. Asking $7,500 for it. Ill get pictures up tonight or tomorrow.
  9. KeepCruzin

    LC#6 : 1970 FJ40- 4speed swap, resto-mod

    Hey guys. I finally got one. Im going to try to keep this thread picture heavy with minimal text. Here we go: Finally got an FJ40. Shes a 1970, all original that has been sitting in a back yard since 1993. Going to run it on the ranch for a while. Potentially an engine swap down the road...
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