1. U

    FREE SOCAL 1964 FJ40 Front Driver seat and Pass Bench

    Just putting these out there in case someone wants them before I toss them. The passenger bench frame is trash, all rust and all springs were rusted away, but could be used as a template to make another. Driver frame is in tact, but the pan is rusted as well as most of the springs. The seats and...
  2. alohamade

    Info needed with 1964 FJ40 Hard Top Rebuild

    Working on rebuilding my 1964 fj40 here in Hawaii Currently reassembling the hard top, having a hard time figuring out where everything goes. Anyone has a manual or knowledge on this year?
  3. nykyly

    For Sale 1964 FJ45 - Idaho, USA

    1964 Toyota Landcruiser Pickup FJ45 - project pickup. This is a great collectors piece once restored. I am slowly doing little things to get it fully operational. The engine is an original straight 6, F-type; it runs and has that great cruiser sound. The lights and speedometer and gas gauges...
  4. oregon fj

    SOLD Misc parts for 1964 FJ40 FST

    Time to start gathering the odds and ends. I will be needing the following parts for my 1964 FJ40 FST refresh project. Parts would need to be shipped to Eugene, OR (97405), or close enough for local pickup. • Spare tire carrier hinges. Must be early style as pictured below. Have later style to...
  5. alohamade

    Wanted Radiator or Info on where to purchase for 64' fj40

    Aloha, I need a radiator for my 64' fj40 asap I am located in hawaii
  6. alohamade

    Wanted FJ40 Raingutter for Fiberglass HT

    My Fiberglass Raingutter has rusted out
  7. T

    1964 fj40 restoration need parts

    Hi, I'm from Indonesia.. Now I'm still restored my 1964 fj40 vacuum handle. But some original part is difficult to find in my country. Maybe if you have the second part of vacuum handle can text me. Thanks
  8. Tank5

    For Sale 1964 FJ40 Complete front axle

    I have a complete front Axle that came off a 64 fj40. I am asking 200.00 for the whole thing. I am also willing to part it out if anyone is interested in parts. Buyer pays shipping. Located near Los Alamos, NM.
  9. BabyD

    For Sale 1964 FJ45LV...Wyoming

    I am going to part with 3 of my LV's. These are hard to value being there is so few of them out there. I would like to know what everyone thinks this truck is worth. It came from Ft. Collins, CO so the rust isn't as bad as most. We got it started a couple of years ago but haven't done...
  10. destin

    For Sale 1964 fj40 FST

    Hello Selling my restore 1964 Toyota landcruiser fj40 FST, restore 3 years ago, new rebuilt motor, all stock. No hagglers please, this is a very fair price. Cheers There is a restoration thread in the fj25 section under my screen name. Likely needs a break adjustment. But other wise solid.
  11. tahoe40/45

    Wanted Metering rod for pre 1964 SD40 1 barrel carb

    My carb is in the middle of a rebuild and is missing the correct metering rod. Does anyone have a spare pre 1964 Asian SD40 1 barrel carb metering rod that they don't need? Thanks
  12. 70Cruza

    For Sale 1964 FJ45 NOT MINE :( CALI rig

    So, have you guys ever run across a Cruiser on the Web, and thought THIS IS THE ONE I have been waiting for????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The price seems right and the rig LOOKS clean. I love my 80 and I love my 40, but I needs me a truck real bad. And there is no other truck I want then a 45...
  13. seth

    Just bought on ebay: 1964 FJ40 FST

    Thought you all might want to see what I just snagged on ebay today! It's an Ohio truck, so it's rust-ridden for sure, but I have some plans... For those of you who don't know, I already have a 1965 FJ40 FST (late-1964 VIN) as my daily driver in LA, of which I've been doing a sympathetic...
  14. seth

    Help identify bolt holes in 1964 FJ40

    I'm getting ready to do the body repairs in my 1964 FST, and I wanted to start identifying what are actual factory holes, and what aren't. Firstly, I was going to source a set of rear seats, but was surprised to see that I don't have holes in the typical places. Does anyone know if there were...
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