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    do you have a distributor for 1978 fj40? What would you recommend and price? thanks, Mike
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    For Sale 1984 BJ60, 3B Diesel + H55

    Bump. Lots of interest but nobody has committed yet.
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    For Sale 1984 BJ60, 3B Diesel + H55

    So is there anyway to edit the title to include that the rig is in Idaho?
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    For Sale 1984 BJ60, 3B Diesel + H55

    Well plans have changed and I'm putting my 1984 BJ60 up for sale. I imported this rig from Canada a few years ago with the intent of putting the 3B and H55 in my FJ60. I've since discovered V8 power but that's another story. I imported and titled the truck. It has a Idaho title. The truck...
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    250 chevy engine mounts for fj40

    Anybody have any ideas on where I might find engine mounts for chevy 250 inline six for a FJ40??? Adaptor plate?? Thanks
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    my 45

    So why the heck did you waste your time to post?? chipp- I like your truck, keep the pictures coming. Looks to be a pretty sweet build you've got going.
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    pics of spring under w/ 35's or bigger.

    Here is ours, 35" goodyears. 5" SUA lift, rear fenders trimmed approx 3 inches (woulda fallen off due to rust anyway)
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    Powertrax Noslip FS

    I'm interested also. What do u want for this thing?
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    '77 FJ40 seatbacks with headrests, orig. jack setup, FJ40-55 Haynes Manual

    Will you sell headrests only? If so how much?
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    how would you rate your FJ cruiser seats?

    The FJ seats aren't horrible..but they aren't that great for me either. i can't drive more than about 120 miles in them without getting out to stretch and walk around cuz my ass and back start to hurt. my dads redone FJ40 seats are amazing however.. jus my findings
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    tire rub

    I went power steering on our fj40 and love it, if you can afford it, i would do it. Its nice being able to have one hand on the wheel to turn instead of cranking it as hard as i can with both. On the fj-45 with 31x10.5 AT's on the stock wheels, it rubs on the drag-link slightly. I haven't...
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    Will 35x12.5x15 BFG M/T fit on my 72?

    Driving around town youll be fine with no trimming. If you flex it much though, you will be hitting some of the rear fenders. It doesn't take a lot of trimming, but some. I would flex it some with a fork lift or something that will allow you to slowly lift the wheel up into the wheel well and...
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    Drag Link rubs against shock

    Our 4" man-a-fre lift kit's shocks rubbed badly. We were converting to PS anyway though so it wasn't an issue for long.. You would think the manufactures would address this issue in some way other than moving shock mounts.
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    FJ shopping - 6 manual or Auto?

    All depends on what you like. I don't like something doing the shifting for me...ours has the 6-speed and i love it. I wheel it and am so used to shifting my own gears i don't notice the extra work when crawling, maybe if i'd wheeled a auto more i'd notice. JMO
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    Carb problems

    Well i do just so happen to have one of those adapters laying around. it came off my 45 pickup when i took off the rochester the PO had put on it. i love the aisan and will probably see if that adapter will work. Thanks for the idea. And yes the 40 is mainly built for wheeling soooo...
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