For Sale 1984 BJ60, 3B Diesel + H55

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United States
Well plans have changed and I'm putting my 1984 BJ60 up for sale. I imported this rig from Canada a few years ago with the intent of putting the 3B and H55 in my FJ60. I've since discovered V8 power but that's another story. I imported and titled the truck. It has a Idaho title. The truck has 288,8XX KM on it (approx. 179,4XX miles)

The 3B runs great. When I bought it the seller had it tested and it had compression of 480, 480, 480, 475. Since then it has only been driven around the block a few times, onto and off of a flat bed trailer and backed into a garage. I repeat, it runs great. It starts quickly and idles/drives great. Shifts fine and goes into all gears with no issues. However, it should not be driven any distance. The rear wheel cylinders (1 or both, I didn't pull them apart to see) are frozen so the brakes do not function 100%.

The body is pretty much toast. The pictures make it look better than it really is honestly. The P.O. attempted some repairs (cut rocker panels off, made his own rear wheel tubs) but the body wouldn't be salvagable without a TON of time. The good news is the frame appears to be solid everywhere except the very tail. Specifically the triangular bracing directly above where the spare tire would reside.

The interior of the truck has been trashed, no carpet in the rear. Does have all the seats in it and the dash is there. Ironically the headliner is about perfect. Lots of useable parts there though.

Since I bought this truck with the intent of putting the engine and trans in my FJ-60, I also picked up some engine parts from Radd Cruisers in Duncan, B.C. I bought these parts not because the truck needs them, but I decided that I would give the motor a bit of a refresh since it would be out of the rig. The parts are essentially what Radd Cruisers recommended if they were doing a refresh on a motor that had good compression numbers.
They are as follows:
-Full 3B engine gasket set
-Injector pump O-ring
-injector pump Diaphragm
-3B water pump (includes gasket)

I will offer first dibs to the buyer for these parts. I will also give a significant discount for the parts if the buyer pays full ( or close) asking price for the rig.

I believe that is it, I'm sure I forgot something and I will edit the ad when I remember whatever it was.

I'm asking $5,100 USD.
The truck is located in Moscow, Idaho. Could possibly deliver in the northwest depending on the deal.
PM or email (Rendog21 at

Pictures can be seen here -> BJ 60
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