You probably now already, but if not...

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Apr 28, 2016
Opotiki,Bay of Plenty New Zealand
While searching for some water ingress I came around these nice kinks in the front sunroof drains.
They are located on each side behind the plastic panel to the left or right of your shoes. Both sides similar kinked. Have a look on your one !
They were not the cause for the flooding - but good too fix it anyway. Just put some 13 mm hose connectors into the tubes.
The flooding was caused by an blocked lh side drain in the cave behind the bonnet hinge. Quite good accessible after demounting the hinge.

All the best from down under....
BTW it is Know not Now.
Dang, i wants sunroof.
My 80 series has a sunroof and I love it. Wish the 60 had one too. Not quite as good as the one on my 40 series though ;)
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Oh - I never paid attention whether std. roof 60s have sunroofs or not. I´m jealous for your reinforcing ribs, the high roof is flat as....
Original sunroof - still there - this morning

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