Yet another tire size question:

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Oct 28, 2014
Peoria, IL
Hi all,

I know that there are countless threads on the subject, but my situation is a little unique, and can't seem to piece together all the info out there to get the exact answer I need, so I thought I'd throw it out and see if anyone had any advice.

So, I have a '76, 40 w/heavily modified suspension. Unfortunately, I didn't do any of the work, so I'm having to correct the previous owners mistakes as I restore her. She has an SOA w/custom springs giving her significant lift (not sure how much, exactly). She also came with a 3" body lift, but I have removed that.

Currently sits on 35x12.50xr15's on steelies (not sure of the backspacing), that hang out significantly from the body. At first, I thought that it had a set of 60 axles under her, but when I removed one of the hub protectors, I realized that it has 2.5" spacers (ridiculous) all around. The rear looks like these spacers are totally unnecessary, as there is more far more than 2.5" between the tire and frame. It also looks like the brake dust shield will clear the inside of the rim.

However, in front, I only have about an inch between the steering knuckle arm and wheel.

My question is: What do I need to do to get rid of at least an inch of those ridiculous spacers w/out sacrificing tire/rim width (at least not much). I know that if my rims don't have significant negative backspacing, then increasing backspacing is an option, but that doesn't really solve the issue of knuckle arm clearance or over exertion of the wheel bearings.

All the threads I've read so far seem to indicate that stock axle housings w/an SOA should be able to handle 35's or even 37's (and indeed, there is plenty of clearance between the body and wheels for articulation and turn radius), but it just doesn't look like its possible with the knuckle arm clearance issue. Did anyone have to get after market knuckle arms and shorter tie rods to put 35's or 37's under their fj? If so, whats a good supplier for that?

Also, just to look at it, it is questionable as to whether or not the calipers would clear the inside of the wheel were moved any closer. I know this doesn't make sense, as 76 fj's came with OEM Disc brakes up front and 15" rims, but I thought I'd make sure I'm just imagining the possibility that they won't clear.

appreciate any help you can offer.

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