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Apr 26, 2003
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K some of y'all may have seen my Fj60 truggy build I sold ... Mistake I miss a wheeler I can beat on. So buddy paid a dept off with a 22R 5spd and duel cases out of a 83 p/u. I have had my hand out for a buddy's 85 4runner missing a drive train... So I picked it up for $500 bucks and traded my 20r for a 22re since the runner was a re truck. My question is will a duel case cross member from a 5sp truck mount up to stock auto mounts or do I need to move them ??

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Pic of the runner cause we all like pics.. And Omg someone put blocks in the front :lol:

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Thx I call him up too ... But has anyone done it themselves???

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So my plan is a cheap build up with all the part listed and used 4 in lift spring in front maybe 63 in the rear. But I'm thinkin block in the rear cause I need it ready by labor day:lol: I have a used set of 36 swamper SX's. I have a bender and plan on a cage, rocker chop ,bob tail and bumpers but I dont think that will all be done for this run :lol:

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i put a manual trans crossmember in my auto 4runner. everything seemed to line up fine
I think you should be fine. I believe the frame bolt locations for the auto and manuals was the same, the crossmember was changed to suit the trans going in the truck. A quick check would be to measure from the motor mount on the frame to the cross member bolt holes on the same side of the frame and then, with the trans cross member on the drivetrain, make the same measurements and see how close they are.
Well I don't have donor to measure :frown:and before I ordered the cross member I want know how close the are ...cause I have to mod a stocker I would just build my own. looks like I can order one thanx for the info guys... I'll keep posting as I go

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Cleaning the garage out and found some parts I forgot I hand from the 60'SOA.... Maybe I'll do 63's and RUF sooner then later

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I need to go out and see if I can "find" some goodies like that in my garage.

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