WTB Rear bumper corners

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Nov 16, 2006
Bakersfield CA.
United States
I have a 68 that I'm doing a Semi-Restoration on and I'm looking for a left rear bumper corner. Thanks, Dave.
I've got a pair, left is straight, right has a ding. Even have 2 of the nuts/bolts that hold 'em on...Know anyone coming to the Stockton swap meet?
How much $ are ya asking? BTW when is the swap?
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Alright I received some beautiful rear bumper corners from Pighead for a crazy low price. Its beyond cool to see that there are people out there still obviously concerned about the hobby/love for the vehicle rather than trying to gouge each other for a buck or two. This to me is the way to keep a hobby and all those involved forever enthusiast. I hope I can soon return the favor as my collection grows. :cheers: My hats off to ya Pighead:cheers: . Thanks, Dave.
I gotta read these threads more...


Well, I have a OK right one and a crappy left one going to a good home this weekend as well.

and I need both corners for "Rusty" he came without any bumpers, have been able to find the center piece for the rear but still missing the corners;

thanks Marshall; any chance you might get to Atlanta this weekend?; plan on doing some more pig picking there :)


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