Won't start: No spark, no fuel, no codes

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Nov 21, 2015
I get CEL when ignition is in the on position, cranks fine. No spark from the plug wires, no power to fuel pump/ no fuel pressure. It's a 91 FJ80, I have jumped B+ and FP but no fuel. I have checked for spark from wires - none. EFI reay get hot after cranking - replaced with another, same result. Fusible links look in great shape - replaced with new 6mo ago and still look that way. Could this be the ECU took a dumP?

Thanks to all of you for your input.
Do you have the factory service manuals for your truck?? In them they have pin point tests so you can check your ECU to see if that's the cause of your problems. I seem to remember if you don't have a copy of the manuals, that there is a link here on Mud where you can down load a free copy of your manual.

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