Wiring lights to act as brake, turn and running lights

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Oct 1, 2002
Peachland, BC, Canada
Going to replace my multiple lights w/ a pair that are recessed into the bumper. Wanted to use this pair as the brake, turn and running lights (or at least brake and running lights) but wiring them up together doesn't seem to work.

Someone mentioned that I need a relay of some sort? Could someone help me out here with a crude diagram or explanation as to how they should be hooked up?

I have the same question. And what is a universal trailer light adaptor?
You have right turn. left turn, back up, runnimg and stop. If you get the truck style lights it will be easier. Your running and brake will be on the same bulb, 1157 dual element. The running will be the lower wattage of the 2. The turns will require a second fixture or a light fixture with a third bulb in it, usually a 1156 single element. Stop and running go to both sides, turn to the respective sides. A 4 wire trailer hook up can be spliced in thr factory loom or the factory trailer socket then run to the fixtures
Burnt 03,
right, but the early cruisers only use an 1157.
I run a trailer light adapter on my firewall and only 4 wires back to the rear harness (all trailer wire) to a pair of lights and a single backup light.

Incoming: left turn, right turn, running, brake, ground

Outgoing: left turn/brake, right turn/brake, running, ground

In my case, I use the white ground wire as the backup circuit and ground the lights thru the body/frame.

You MUST run this type of converter in order to switch from separate factory stop (red) and turn (yellow) lights to a common stop/turn light.

http://www.reese-hitches.com/reese_universal_wiring_kits.htm (kit R76672 looks exactly like what I use...)
Thanks Woody, your replies are always clear and not misleading.

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