wiper motor/arm clip

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Oct 17, 2005
Corvallis, OR
I have a 78' BJ 40

I broke this plastic clip while installing my new wiper motor. Does anyone have a replacement or know of how to fix this so the bearing on the motor arms stays connected to the wiper arm?
wiper motor retainer clip.jpg
It is a PAIN in the arse to get these..

When i pulled apart my wiper, the Previous Owner's fix with Bailing wire had Failed.. but did work for a year or two..

Eventualy i tracked down a set of arms with good Plastic, Drilled out the Rivets, then Bolted the Good Plastic in place of my old one with Small Bolt+nuts

Your going to need to Fold down the Windsheild to get at all the linkages, so this can be a pain if your top is on.. Luckly mine broke in the summer time!

Id look for some used arms, w/atleast one good plastic end!
Ouch - I just looked on SOR's site. :eek:

192-02B WIPER LINK-1/75-1984 FJ40 197.11 Yes

192-02B-U U WIPER LINK-1/75-1984 FJ40 USED -No return on Used Parts 100.00 Yes

These are for the complete arms.
I've got a few sets of those linkages available if you need one. I was kinda hoping that somebody had a different idea for a fix tho.:frown:
Corvallis said:
Seems like a machine shop could make these? Anyone ever made their own?

I was thinking the same thing; only make it out of bronze or similar marital.

I have had small one off parts like this made before and it's not cheep, you end up paying the shop rate, usually the cost of an hours work, but if a new arm is going to cost you $100 to $190 you dollars ahead.
Somone Here on mud made some using URE ?? some sort of Plastic material, he put 2 peices together and i guess he said it worked ok.. but IMHO i like the OEM stuff even if its used.. That way you can remove it if needed..

Put up a wanted ad here and i bet somone has it for Cheep! Dont even think about $OR

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