Windshield width

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Apr 20, 2006
Looking at options for alternate tops for an extended 40 series. Would like to know what the width of the windshield frame is (widest point). Please don't crucify me but i am looking at using a Jeep Unlimited hardtop and windscreen coupled to the 40 series firwall, hood, etc with the back potion being fabbed body from tube and aluminum to match the length of the unlimited hardtop. Don't sweat too much the only non-toyota parts will be the windscreen and hardtop.

Anyone heard of this or a Jeep cj/yj/tj top being grafted in?

Hummm, one post.

WTF would you want to do that? People get crucified here for using Heep taillights for crying out loud and you want to 'graft' on a Heep windshield frame and top? Holy bejesus, do the next owner of your 40 a favor and leave it alone!
I think the back of the 40 tub is wider than all the Heep series tubs. You could extend a 40 top, or shorten a 45 Troopy top possibly.
I am planning out options for my next street/trail rig. I need more length than the 40 series provides (interior space not wheelbase) so looking at using an unlimited top and windscreen. Also using heep tops opens up options for softtops not to mention the weight savings.

Again just exploratory research so no flaming required.
Graft the heep bits on a heep, it might only be research but I might have nightmares about a fugly heep/40 series cross.

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